Combined conveying and tabletting device



The invention discloses a combined conveying and tabletting device. A cam is driven by a motor to rotate; because the cam comprises flanges and concave parts, a supporting lug will be extruded by the flanges when the cam rotates. Furthermore, because one end of a plate spring is fixed to a supporting platform, the plate spring will deform when the supporting lug is extruded, and then a pressing head can be lifted up. Along with rotation of the cam, when the flanges deviate from the supporting lug, supporting for the supporting lug disappears; at the moment, under the elastic effect of the plate spring, the plate spring drives the pressing head to extrude materials located at the portion, between the pressing head and the pressing platform, of a conveyer belt to press the materials into sheets. As long as the cam rotates continuously, the pressing head will extrude the materials repeatedly. Because a driving belt wheel is coaxially connected to the cam, the rotation speed of the driving belt wheel equals that of the cam; the materials can be formed in an extruded mode when conveyed through the conveyer belt as long as the placement positions of the materials are well calculated; the combined conveying and tabletting device has high processing efficiency and processing precision.




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