Medium for producing demethylchlortetracycline by fermenting streptomyces aureus and culturing method



The invention relates to a medium for producing demethylchlortetracycline by fermenting streptomyces aureus and a culturing method, wherein the medium is composed of fish oil, a molasses mixture, earthworm powder, peptone and the like. By optimizing the medium formula and the fermentation technology, the average fermentation unit of demethylchlortetracycline is 13000 mg/L and improved by 10% or more compared with domestic conventional fermentation level; the fermentation period is controlled at 180 h or less and is shortened by 15 h or more, so that energy is saved, consumption is reduced and production cost is reduced; and also the environmental influence on sources of raw materials and auxiliary materials is furthest reduced, and the raw materials and the auxiliary materials are guaranteed to be sufficiently supplied, so that the stable efficient production of demethylchlortetracycline is realized.




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