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US-2008064874-A1: 2-Halofuryl/Thienyl-3-Carboxamides patent, US-2005148957-A1: Injection access port with chamfered top hat septum design patent, US-2007232068-A1: Slurry for touch-up CMP and method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2008108566-A1: Analogues of GLP-1 patent, US-2008233405-A1: Techniques For Labeling of Plastic, Glass or Metal Containers or Surfaces With Polymeric Labels Employing an Activated Hydrophilic patent, US-2006185846-A1: Methods for forming a permeable and stable mass in a subterranean formation patent, US-2007145524-A1: FPGA structure provided with multi parallel structure and method for forming the same patent, US-2005109535-A1: High performance chip carrier substrate patent, US-2005151184-A1: Dielectric layer for semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2004036817-A1: Display panel and multilayer plates for production of this display panel patent, US-2006051974-A1: Mask and manufacturing method using mask patent, US-2006289165-A1: Methods for effecting controlled break in pH dependent foamed fracturing fluid patent, US-2004031379-A1: Automatic soundtrack generator patent, US-2008207576-A1: Substituted sapogenins and their use patent, US-2009216975-A1: Extending server-based desktop virtual machine architecture to client machines patent, US-2006229612-A1: Methods and apparatus for vertebral stabilization using sleeved springs patent, US-2007297905-A1: Woven Turbomachine Impeller patent, US-2007296835-A1: Digital cameras with direct luminance and chrominance detection patent, US-2005113928-A1: Dual anchor prosthetic nucleus apparatus patent, US-2006085069-A1: Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine patent, US-2006241620-A1: Method and apparatus for providing a passageway patent, US-2008161324-A1: Compositions and methods for treatment of viral diseases patent, US-2009105259-A1: Acyclic 1,4-Diamines and Uses Thereof patent, US-2009524-A: Used tire, facing, stitching, and retreading machine patent, US-2007264259-A1: Methods for treating kidney disorders patent, US-2009081156-A1: Bioactive molecular matrix and methods of use in the treatment of disease patent, US-2003224967-A1: Systems and methods for the analysis of protein phosphorylation patent, US-2009208409-A1: Encapsulated nanoparticles for computed tomography imaging patent, US-2005070539-A1: Benzoyl-piperazine derivatives patent, US-2003198739-A1: Anti-stick coatings for reactors patent, US-2005214066-A1: Striding shank fixing device patent, US-2006215875-A1: Adaptive and progressive protection of fixed images encoded in wavelets patent, US-2008064359-A1: Amplifier, filter using the same, and radio communication device patent, US-2010104594-A1: Pathogen for bacterial poultry disease patent, US-2006282074-A1: Osseous anchorig implant with a polyazial head and method for installing the implant patent, US-2008105959-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2006078749-A1: Composite material consisting of intermetallic phases and ceramics and production method for said material patent, US-2007281889-A1: Parathyroid hormone receptor activation and stem and progenitor cell expansion patent, US-2004262039-A1: Bond finger on via substrate, process of making same, package made thereby, and method of assembling same patent, US-2006102869-A1: Reinforced ionic conducting material, use thereof in electrodes and electrolytes patent, US-2004163111-A1: Metadata structure for providing access to EPG features from within broadcast advertisements patent, US-2004121263-A1: Heat mode-compatible planographic printing plate patent, US-2008274099-A1: Antibodies of the ed-b domain of fibronectin, their construction and uses patent, US-2005028953-A1: Methods for making carboxylated pulp fibers patent, US-2005192275-A1: Novel antimycobacterial compounds patent, US-2005031304-A1: Method and apparatus for processing video data containing a plurality of video tracks patent, US-2003213993-A1: Trench mosfet with field relief feature patent, US-2008311120-A1: Autocrine growth factor receptor antibodies and methods patent, US-2006175689-A1: Multi-leadframe semiconductor package and method of manufacture patent, US-2003215883-A1: Altered thermostability of enzymes patent, US-2006115934-A1: Selective epitaxy process with alternating gas supply patent, US-2006275-A: Knitted yarn and fabric made therefrom patent, US-2009192192-A1: Inhibitors of biofilm formation of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria patent, US-2005090436-A1: Human tumor necrosis factor receptors TR21 and TR22 patent, US-2004211991-A1: Integrated circuit having a doped porous dielectric and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008166407-A1: Solid oral formulations for combination therapy patent, US-2009272991-A1: LIGHT EMITTING DIODE HAVING AlInGaP ACTIVE LAYER AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME patent, US-2006285473-A1: Optical pickup unit patent, US-2009158467-A1: Methods and compositions for modulating flowering and maturity in plants patent, US-2005156968-A1: Digital photofinishing system patent, US-2008145755-A1: Energy storage device and method patent, US-2008263688-A1: Hafnia Phytase patent, US-2009042926-A1: Niacin Receptor Agonists, Compositions Containing Such Compounds and Methods of Treatment patent, US-2009311225-A1: Compositions of and Methods of Using Stabilized PSMA Dimers patent, US-2010015135-A1: Anti-ephb4 antibodies and methods using same patent, US-2010130489-A1: Imidazolo-heteroaryl derivatives with antibacterial properties patent, US-2009312880-A1: System and method for monitoring and controlling the operational condition of a power transformer patent, US-2004042106-A1: Magnetic reproducing apparatus and magnetic reproducing method patent, US-2005245573-A1: N-substituted benzene sulfonamides patent, US-2007092008-A1: Context-aware frame memory scheme for motion compensation in video decoding patent, US-2004227181-A1: Multichannel metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors and methods of fabricating the same patent, US-2006261374-A1: Electrical coupling stack and processes for making same patent, US-2009111161-A1: Streptomyces protease patent, US-2007192886-A1: TAT-044 and methods of assessing and treating cancer patent, US-2008248996-A1: T1r hetero-oligomeric taste receptors and cell lines that express said receptors and use thereof for identification of taste compounds patent, US-2007049596-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) patent, US-2007176164-A1: -Conjugated aromatic ring-containing compound and organic electroluminescent device patent, US-2010035362-A1: Bio-silica chip comprising silica binding protein and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2007264235-A1: Polypeptide Having an Improved Cytosine Deaminase Activity patent, US-2009062190-A1: Transcriptional Regulation of Cytokines by LITAF and STAT (6)(B) patent, US-2006078305-A1: Method and apparatus to synchronize audio and video patent, US-2005085472-A1: Pyrazolo pyrimidine derivatives and methods of use thereof patent, US-2008203349-A1: Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropenes and bromofluoropropenes patent, US-2008000392-A1: Foamed slurry and building panel made therefrom patent, US-2008146546-A1: Bicyclic and Tricyclic Heteroaromatic Compounds patent, US-2008153838-A1: Compounds Having Tie2 (Tek) Activity patent, US-2004163108-A1: Receiver apparatus patent, US-2008263727-A1: Increased seed size and seed number through transgenic over expression of revoluta protein during early embryo development patent, US-2010089761-A1: Method of surface treatment for metal glass part, and metal glass part with its surface treated by the method patent, US-2009029043-A1: Multifunctional star-shaped prepolymers, their preparation and use patent, US-2009214854-A1: Gas barrier multilayer film patent, US-2009068094-A1: Inhibitors of endo-exonuclease activity for treating cancer patent, US-2007027084-A1: Novel Integrin Ligand ITGL-TSP patent, US-2009004140-A1: 4-substituted pyrrolidine as anti-infectives patent, US-2009317281-A1: method of atomic transformation patent, US-2009282574-A1: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety ch929154 patent, US-2010024062-A1: Soybean variety d5589654 patent, US-2007275966-A1: Oxazolidinone compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor potentiators patent, US-2009288184-A1: Plants and seeds of spring canola variety scv328921 patent, US-2008017308-A1: Derivatives of poly(styrene-co-allyl alcohol) and methods for use thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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