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US-2006183318-A1: Magnetic memory cells and manufacturing methods patent, US-2010115954-A1: Gas turbine fuel injector with a rich catalyst patent, US-2009178413-A1: Article including environmental barrier coating system patent, US-2007019316-A1: PRML based magnetic servo position demodulator patent, US-2008289726-A1: Cold rolled, dual phase, steel sheet and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2005121850-A1: Pachinko stand-alone and bonusing game with displayed targets patent, US-2007138539-A1: Non-volatile memory device having a nitride-oxide dielectric layer patent, US-2005122305-A1: Liquid crystal display device and driving device thereof, and method for driving liquid crystal display device patent, US-2008173552-A1: Gated Amperometry patent, US-2008312624-A1: Tri-Folded Disposable Absorbent Article, Packaged Absorbent Article, And Array of Packaged Absorbent Articles With Substantially Continuously Distributed Absorbent Particulate Polymer Material patent, US-2004137435-A1: Human abc transporter expressed in liver,atil patent, US-2009215115-A1: Sialyltransferases comprising conserved sequence motifs patent, US-2005213827-A1: Method and apparatus for displaying multimedia information patent, US-2008146513-A1: Synthetic Ion Channels patent, US-2008250637-A1: Method for manufacturing multilayer flexible printed circuit board patent, US-2005142891-A1: Method and apparatus for oxidizing nitrides patent, US-2009307794-A1: Stress-Induced Transcription Factor Derived from Maize patent, US-2009325981-A1: Compounds and compositions as lxr modulators patent, US-2004203208-A1: Vertical DRAM punchthrough stop self-aligned to storage trench patent, US-2005012165-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2006031899-A1: Methods for augmenting subscription services with pay-per-use services patent, US-2006145220-A1: CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2007293477-A1: Novel Compounds patent, US-2009023710-A1: Compound patent, US-2004110042-A1: Multilayer composites and manufacture of same patent, US-2005120405-A1: Plant amino acid biosynthetic enzymes patent, US-2007072853-A1: Benzimidazole derivatives compositions containing them, preparation thereof and uses thereof patent, US-2007195886-A1: Moving image encoding apparatus and control method, and computer program patent, US-2003225283-A1: Substituted-cycloalkyl and oxygenated-cycloalkyl glucokinase activators patent, US-2004165518-A1: Optical information-recording medium, optical information recording apparatus and optical information reproducing apparatus including optical information-recording medium and method for manufacturing polarization changing layer patent, US-2006008901-A1: Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same patent, US-2007052083-A1: Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2007087964-A1: Novel compositions and methods for modulating the acid-sensing ion channel (asic) patent, US-2009169759-A1: Covering material for biomass, and process for its preparation patent, US-2010100439-A1: Multi-platform system apparatus for interoperable, multimedia-accessible and convertible structured and unstructured wikis, wiki user networks, and other user-generated content repositories patent, US-2004184201-A1: Removable storage of speakers within cavities of electronic device housing patent, US-2004232437-A1: Organic electroluminescence element patent, US-2005144398-A1: Decoupling request for ownership tag reads from data read operations patent, US-2007003928-A1: Novel use of edg receptors patent, US-2007098716-A1: Toll Like Receptor 3 Modulators, Methods and Uses patent, US-2010018765-A1: Electromagnetic wave shielding material and production process of the same patent, US-2003220207-A1: Vibration resistant bearing patent, US-2008103347-A1: Process to wash polymers contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) patent, US-2005240576-A1: Named URL entry patent, US-2010131547-A1: Digital asset management system, including customizable metadata model for asset cataloging and permissioning of digital assets, such as for use with digital images and songs patent, US-2004063140-A1: Methods for diagnosis of cancer using erbB-3 patent, US-2004108821-A1: Compound color optical LED patent, US-2008004288-A1: Indazole Sulphonamide Derivatives patent, US-2010070704-A1: method for remote data back up with de-duplication and recovery from clustered secondary storage arrays patent, US-2004190420-A1: BCA Code Extraction Method and Related Device patent, US-2010078651-A1: Electronic field effect devices and methods for their manufacture patent, US-2003226474-A1: Smear-resistant ink compositions patent, US-2005214795-A1: Human transcriptional regulator molecules patent, US-2009156598-A1: Imidazolopyrimidine modulators of TRPV1 patent, US-2007092211-A1: Information playback system using storage information medium patent, US-2009190402-A1: Integrated SRAM and FLOTOX EEPROM memory device patent, US-2006166442-A1: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2006161935-A1: Rotary information device for removable media patent, US-2007187947-A1: Binder-free photopolymerizable compositions patent, US-2005019575-A1: Effect pigments of uniform shape and size patent, US-2007298232-A1: CVD coating scheme including alumina and/or titanium-containing materials and method of making the same patent, US-2006138619-A1: Plastic lead frames for semiconductor devices, packages including same, and methods of fabrication patent, US-2007161086-A1: Novel ecdysone receptor-based induicible gene expression system patent, US-2007101103-A1: High-performance superscalar-based computer system with out-of order instruction execution and concurrent results distribution patent, US-2009017027-A1: FcGammaRIIB Specific Antibodies and Methods of Use Thereof patent, US-2003212867-A1: Signal processor patent, US-2003236168-A1: Processes for the preparation of alpha-substituted benzylnitroguanidines patent, US-2008146511-A1: Selection method of peptides, peptides, method and kit of infection identification by mycobacterium leprae, pharmaceutical or immunological compositions containing peptides of mycobacterium leprae or sequences functionally equivalent patent, US-2009126037-A1: Tomtato plants having higher levels of resistance to botrytis patent, US-2009270366-A1: Benzoimidazole compounds patent, US-2003215808-A1: T cell subpopulation regulating gut immunity patent, US-2003224487-A1: Novel cytokine zcytor17 ligand patent, US-2006159725-A1: Herbal compositions patent, US-2006191024-A1: Method for preparing anti-MIF antibodies patent, US-2006090848-A1: Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method patent, US-2009146133-A1: Hybrid semiconductor structure patent, US-2004137271-A1: Blue electroluminescent polymer and organo-electroluminescent device employing the same patent, US-2004200647-A1: High voltage wire routing structure of hybrid vehicle patent, US-2005186712-A1: Method and apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures patent, US-2005264693-A1: Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent, US-2007278523-A1: Structure and a method for monolithic integration of HBT, depletion-mode HEMT and enhancement-mode HEMT on the same substrate patent, US-2009002478-A1: Photographed image process changeover apparatus of a video telephone function patent, US-2009010925-A1: Antibody variants patent, US-2004072692-A1: 4-trifluoromethylpyrazolyl-substituted pyridines and pyrimidines patent, US-2007206920-A1: Information Process Apparatus and Method, Program, and Record Medium patent, US-2008017787-A1: Living Body Observing Apparatus, Intraoral Imaging Apparatus and Medical Treatment Appliance patent, US-2010032684-A1: ION IMPLANTATION FOR SUPPRESSION OF DEFECTS IN ANNEALED SiGe LAYERS patent, US-2004238482-A1: Method for fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-2005054163-A1: Method of manufacturing transistor having recessed channel patent, US-2005079582-A1: Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same patent, US-2006232890-A1: Method of head stack assembly flexible circuit assembly attached to an actuator arm patent, US-2009081215-A1: Genetic products differentially expressed in tumors and use thereof patent, US-2005218497-A1: Through electrode, spacer provided with the through electrode, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007228394-A1: Semiconductor layer, process for forming the same, and semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-2008124571-A1: Pyrene derivative and organic electroluminescence device making use of the same patent, US-2006130096-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program patent, US-2008054393-A1: Methods of fabricating passive element without planarizing and related semiconductor device patent, US-2009182697-A1: Computer-Implemented Model of the Central Nervous System patent, US-2003218208-A1: Split gate flash memory cell and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2004137683-A1: [method of fabricating multi-bit flash memory] patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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