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US-2007016936-A1: Broadcast receiving apparatus patent, US-2007252211-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for semiconductor device patent, US-2009305014-A1: Optical member, optical system using the optical member, and method of manufacturing an optical member patent, US-2010035123-A1: Low Pt content direct methanol fuel cell anode catalyst: nanophase PtRuNiZr patent, US-2010076981-A1: Method and Apparatus for Efficient Indexed Storage for Unstructured Content patent, US-2004079996-A1: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2004268100-A1: Apparatus to implement mesocode patent, US-2005012164-A1: High k oxide patent, US-2005104193-A1: Semiconductor device with magnetically permeable heat sink patent, US-2005256072-A1: Dual functional oligonucleotides for use in repressing mutant gene expression patent, US-2006035401-A1: Solid state image pickup device capable of suppressing smear patent, US-2007034232-A1: Compact disc buffer system patent, US-2008145702-A1: Phase change layers having different crystal lattices in single layer, methods of forming the same, phase change memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-2010030947-A1: High-speed solid state storage system patent, US-2004094782-A1: Use of hafnium silicon oxynitride as the cap layer of the sidewall spacer patent, US-2004131000-A1: Optical head device and objective lens for optical head device patent, US-2005030381-A1: Motion detection device and method, luminance/chrominance signal separation device and method, noise reduction device and method, and video display device and method patent, US-2005031996-A1: Method for producing circuit substrate patent, US-2005138996-A1: Use of arrays of atomic force microscope/scanning tunneling microscope tips to scan nanocodes patent, US-2006153469-A1: Image processing based on ambient air attributes patent, US-2009104404-A1: Fabric, particularly for items of clothing and shoes patent, US-2009161502-A1: Information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same, and optical information recording/reproducing device patent, US-2008013787-A1: Imaging apparatus, image processor, image filing method, image processing method and image processing program patent, US-2009313630-A1: Computer program, apparatus, and method for software modification management patent, US-2004126705-A1: Pattern transfer in device fabrication patent, US-2004181932-A1: System and method for manufacturing a hard disk drive suspension flexure and for preventing damage due to electrical arcing patent, US-2005130420-A1: Cleaning method using ozone DI process patent, US-2005169892-A1: Adeno-associated virus materials and methods patent, US-2006030008-A1: Modified chitin binding domain and uses thereof patent, US-2006054350-A1: Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2006134741-A1: Composition and methods relating to SENP1-a sentrin-specific protease patent, US-2007088698-A1: Information processing apparatus, karaoke apparatus, and recording medium patent, US-2008026075-A1: Constitutional Function-Improving Agents patent, US-2008220693-A1: Toy sword device and game patent, US-2008234225-A1: Method of treatment patent, US-2008267727-A1: Spherical internal motion cutting tool patent, US-2004230779-A1: Methods and apparatus to perform return-address prediction patent, US-2005032253-A1: Via array monitor and method of monitoring induced electrical charging patent, US-2006143384-A1: System and method for non-uniform cache in a multi-core processor patent, US-2007192542-A1: Method of operating distributed storage system patent, US-2008047583-A1: Substrate Processing Method and Apparatus patent, US-2008254094-A1: Biomaterials Carrying Cyclodextrines Having Improved Absorption Properties and Used for the Progressive and Delayed Release of Therapeutic Molecules patent, US-2003210178-A1: Methods and apparatus for minimum computation phase demodulation patent, US-2004147104-A1: Method of barrier-less integration with copper alloy patent, US-2005234449-A1: Spinal support coupling device patent, US-2006068190-A1: Electronic devices with molecular sieve layers patent, US-2006102198-A1: Rotational thermophoretic drying patent, US-2007289752-A1: Fire Extinguishing and/or Fire Retarding Compositions patent, US-2004258316-A1: Method of digital image data compression and decompression patent, US-2007057003-A1: Universal belt and attachments patent, US-2008138163-A1: Process of producing nanocrystalline bodies patent, US-2005284543-A1: Pre-directing insert for a bi-directional exhausting handheld planer patent, US-2007144710-A1: Method for manufacturing heat pipe cooling device patent, US-2008029303-A1: Technique and apparatus for drilling and completing a well in one half trip patent, US-2004096689-A1: Sheet-metal foil with sliding structure, honeycomb body and process for producing the same patent, US-2005150193-A1: Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage filling material having a closing machine for closing containers patent, US-2007259210-A1: Structure and process for production thereof patent, US-2004114451-A1: Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system patent, US-2004164336-A1: Films doped with carbon for use in integrated circuit technology patent, US-2005119723-A1: Medical device with porous surface containing bioerodable bioactive composites and related methods patent, US-2006078723-A1: Lens and method of manufacturing lens patent, US-2006186439-A1: Semiconductor device, a manufacturing method thereof, and a camera patent, US-2009284030-A1: System and method for connecting attachments to a vehicle patent, US-2010062028-A1: Vaccines for malaria patent, US-2010075488-A1: Cvd reactor with multiple processing levels and dual-axis motorized lift mechanism patent, US-2004226704-A1: Plate heat exchanger patent, US-2005166223-A1: Access allowance based on regions patent, US-2006019448-A1: Termination for trench MIS device having implanted drain-drift region patent, US-2006213864-A1: Etching method and apparatus patent, US-2007182021-A1: Semiconductor component comprising flip chip contacts and method for producing the same patent, US-2007292973-A1: Mram layer having domain wall traps patent, US-2010089895-A1: Temperature controlled electronics tray patent, US-2006233535-A1: Information recording/reproducing system, information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording/reproducing method patent, US-2006274208-A1: Receiving DBS content on digital TV receivers patent, US-2009293175-A1: Disposable and ambidextrous glove sander patent, US-2004038500-A1: Thin microelectronic substrates and methods of manufacture patent, US-2005088929-A1: Optical disc apparatus switching focus point between layers patent, US-2005210528-A1: Network AV system, controller and program therefor patent, US-2007293107-A1: Composite assembly and methods of making and using the same patent, US-2008121911-A1: Optical preforms for solid state light emitting dice, and methods and systems for fabricating and assembling same patent, US-2008211941-A1: Digital camera using multiple image sensors to provide improved temporal sampling patent, US-2007128492-A1: Fuel cell and fuel reservoir for fuel cell patent, US-2008305959-A1: Laser microdissection and microarray analysis of breast tumors reveal estrogen receptor related genes and pathways patent, US-2005096365-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions with synchronized solubilizer release patent, US-2009089053-A1: Multiple microphone voice activity detector patent, US-2010129189-A1: Tag stacking system and stack tray and method of making and handling tags patent, US-2008068748-A1: Thermally-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording system with write pole surrounding an optical channel and having recessed pole tip patent, US-2005258078-A1: Processes for making lubricant blends with low brookfield viscosities patent, US-2009063245-A1: Scheduling and budgeting application patent, US-2004070049-A1: Fuse structure and method to form the same patent, US-2005157322-A1: Apparatus for transforming image data for another and method patent, US-2007277813-A1: Nozzle patent, US-2007267969-A1: Anthracene Derivative, Light Emitting Element Using the Same, and Light Emitting Device Using the Same patent, US-2005177670-A1: Storage system patent, US-2004261695-A1: Method for making semiconductor device including band-engineered superlattice patent, US-2005137402-A1: Process for preparing alkynyl-substituted aromatic and heterocyclic compounds patent, US-2009300093-A1: Server computer patent, US-2008272062-A1: Broad spectrum antimicrobial purification devices and methods for purifying fluids patent, US-2010043464-A1: Heat Pump and Method of Heating Fluid patent, US-2003209429-A1: Method and apparatus for processing a substrate with minimal edge exclusion patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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