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US-2009319588-A1: Generic database sanitizer patent, US-2004037003-A1: Slider head having a sic underlayer patent, US-2005173341-A1: Blended polymer media for treating aqueous fluids patent, US-2009038186-A1: Extendable frame work vehicle patent, US-2009215053-A1: Vitro Method for the Prognosis of Progression of a Cancer and of the Outcome in a Patient and Means for Performing Said Method patent, US-2010098760-A1: Polypeptide for treating or preventing adhesions patent, US-2004012827-A1: Image reading apparatus patent, US-2004045882-A1: Apparatus for removing metallic particles from effluent liquid waste patent, US-2004070740-A1: Exposure method and exposure apparatus patent, US-2004234828-A1: Electronic apparatus, fuel cell unit, and method of controlling the operation of the electronic apparatus patent, US-2007080160-A1: Tote clip and assembly patent, US-2009003060-A1: High density NOR flash array architecture patent, US-2006276476-A1: Carboxylic acid derivatives that inhibit the binding of integrins to their receptors patent, US-2008189271-A1: Search system and search method patent, US-2008287941-A1: Tapered fused waveguide for teeth whitening patent, US-2009223211-A1: Method and device for providing a gas flow containing a reducing agent patent, US-2008046427-A1: System And Method For Planning And Generating Queries For Multi-Dimensional Analysis Using Domain Models And Data Federation patent, US-2009001526-A1: Technique for forming an interlayer dielectric material of increased reliability above a structure including closely spaced lines patent, US-2009239389-A1: Method of Forming a Layer of Material Using an Atomic Layer Deposition Process patent, US-2005223081-A1: Portal including detachable and reattachable portlets patent, US-2006190979-A1: Data information display method of data broadcasting receiver and apparatus thereof patent, US-2006211719-A1: Heteroaryl aminoguanidine and alkoxyguanidines and their use as protease inhibitors patent, US-2007141235-A1: Method for forming multi-layer cathode in organic light-emitting devices patent, US-2010118245-A1: Resin composition and image display device patent, US-2004213273-A1: Network attached storage device servicing audiovisual content patent, US-2006008718-A1: Imaging member patent, US-2006292298-A1: Method of coating film, coating unit, aging unit, solvent replacement unit, and apparatus for coating film patent, US-2007180637-A1: Self-cleaning brush with a flexible matrix patent, US-2008281704-A1: System and method for serving relevant question-based advertisements patent, US-2006038216-A1: Formation of capacitor having a Fin structure patent, US-2006150235-A1: Display system and method patent, US-2006249229-A1: Metal layer forming methods and capacitor electrode forming methods patent, US-2007078028-A1: Golf club head having a rust-resistant coating for reinforcing a surface thereof patent, US-2007221369-A1: Composite Heat Sink With Metal Base And Graphite Fins patent, US-2006053376-A1: Method and apparatus for managing a collection of portlets in a portal server patent, US-2008053623-A1: Roller screen assemblies patent, US-2009182637-A1: Method of referral marketing patent, US-2009232530-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2004210800-A1: Error management patent, US-2004071978-A1: Laminate and method of production patent, US-2005039917-A1: Isolation packer inflated by a fluid filtered from a gravel laden slurry patent, US-2007072328-A1: Method and system for hermetically sealing packages for optics patent, US-2003222300-A1: Capacitor constructions, semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming electrical contacts and semiconductor constructions patent, US-2005004043-A1: Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors patent, US-2010005299-A1: Method for manufacturing a product, system for manufacturing a product, and product patent, US-2008228837-A1: System and method of restoring data and context of client applications stored on the web patent, US-2004244044-A1: Bandwidth efficient cable network modem patent, US-2007169148-A1: Content notification and delivery patent, US-2004092227-A1: Multi-spot-beam satellite system with broadcast and surge capacity capability patent, US-2008255531-A1: Superabsorbents, Nanofiber Nonwovens Finished Therewith and Use Thereof patent, US-2007187102-A1: Hydraulic fracturing methods using cross-linking composition comprising delay agent patent, US-2006082037-A1: Spring seat assembly patent, US-2003192664-A1: Use of vinylamine polymers with ionic, organic, cross-linked polymeric microbeads in paper-making patent, US-2008031355-A1: Method of filtering a pixel using a filtering coefficient patent, US-2003232223-A1: Methods for forming magnetically modified electrodes and articles produced thereby patent, US-2004221310-A1: Electronic program guide with related-program search feature patent, US-2004025185-A1: Digital video jukebox network enterprise system patent, US-2003226790-A1: Housing for environmentally friendly filter cartridge patent, US-2007020522-A1: Alloy composition for lithium ion batteries patent, US-2009239906-A1: Alkoxyalkyl-substituted cyclic ketoenols patent, US-2004141296-A1: Stress resistant land grid array (LGA) module and method of forming the same patent, US-2009177546-A1: System and method for category-based contextual advertisement generation and management patent, US-2008108577-A1: Tissue adhering compositions patent, US-2005037773-A1: Locator system patent, US-2008077020-A1: Method and apparatus for monitoring vital signs remotely patent, US-2009137461-A1: Abuse-resistant amphetamine prodrugs patent, US-2006036626-A1: Medical image management system patent, US-2006092013-A1: Closure for a container patent, US-2008228723-A1: Predisposition Prediction Using Attribute Combinations patent, US-2009096057-A1: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2005121865-A1: Third wheel collapsing device for a golf club cart patent, US-2006240967-A1: Alkali resistant glass compositions patent, US-2009246905-A1: Electro-optic integrated circuits and methods for the production thereof patent, US-2004255338-A1: Interface for sending synchronized audio and video data patent, US-2003196040-A1: Data cache system patent, US-2003237079-A1: System and method for identifying related fields patent, US-2004093627-A1: Methods patent, US-2006105344-A1: Modulation of deubiquitinase family members patent, US-2006129907-A1: Syndicating multimedia information with RSS patent, US-2007155709-A1: New Chemical Entities with Multiple Modes of Anti-inflammatory Action patent, US-2008044905-A1: Promoters functional in plant plastids patent, US-2008176815-A1: Compounds that interact with kinases patent, US-2006089322-A1: Antisense oligonucleotides for identifying drug targets and enhancing cancer therapies patent, US-2007194278-A1: 1,3-Dioxane derivatives, composition, optical element and display device containing the same patent, US-2008018779-A1: Imaging apparatus including multiple optical systems patent, US-2008213396-A1: Copper Lowering Treatment Of Cardiac Disease patent, US-2010037880-A1: Slurry for slicing silicon ingot and method for slicing silicon ingot using the same patent, US-2010137311-A1: Substituted pyrimidine derivatives patent, US-2004173302-A1: Metal material adhesion method patent, US-2005047101-A1: Electronic part mounting substrate and method for producing same patent, US-2006052606-A1: Factor xa Inhibitors patent, US-2006056705-A1: Video encoding method patent, US-2008242020-A1: Method of manufacturing a mos transistor device patent, US-2009175960-A1: Process for Producing Carbon Dioxide Solution, Production Apparatus, And Carbonated Water patent, US-2003224486-A1: Polynucleotides and polypeptides associated with the NF-kB pathway patent, US-2004218672-A1: Video transmission system video transmission unit and methods of encoding decoding video data patent, US-2005050303-A1: Hierarchical reorder buffers for controlling speculative execution in a multi-cluster system patent, US-2005263868-A1: Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic equipment patent, US-2006147803-A1: Copper collector for secondary battery comprising Cu-nitrile compound complex formed on surface thereof patent, US-2006240294-A1: Actuatable and reversible pressure generation based on fuel cell operation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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