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US-2009164749-A1: Coupled symbiotic operating systems patent, US-2007093692-A1: Rectoscope Having Light-Emitting Elements patent, US-2008148740-A1: Apparatus for transferring a cryogenic fluid patent, US-2009222413-A1: Methods and systems for migrating information and data into an application patent, US-2010025492-A1: Self regulating fluid bearing high pressure rotary nozzle with balanced thrust force patent, US-2005131163-A1: Aerogel metallic compositions patent, US-2005204788-A1: Pick resistant lock patent, US-2005285102-A1: Organic TFT and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2006018358-A1: Semiconductor laser device patent, US-2007137068-A1: Team shoe set with differing upper characteristics patent, US-2008106409-A1: Article holding and tracking device patent, US-2008281432-A1: Method and Device For Synovial Cell-Charged Collagen Membrane or Gel patent, US-2009211483-A1: Cartridge for m16/ar15 rifles patent, US-2009234730-A1: Referral platform patent, US-2003200441-A1: Detecting randomness in computer network traffic patent, US-2005141998-A1: Apparatus for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor, and method therefor patent, US-2006125399-A1: Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008312717-A1: Hybrid Cochlear Implant patent, US-2009091546-A1: Display with touch screen panel and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2003233805-A1: Variable pitch connector brackets for use in attaching supporting members to bearing members in roofs patent, US-2004236495-A1: Data analysis system patent, US-2006008199-A1: Optical apparatuses providing optical interconnections among a plurality of electronic components patent, US-2006214030-A1: Nozzle for spraying liquid fuel patent, US-2007136024-A1: Interface for series of tests patent, US-2009133793-A1: Elastomer composition having glass micro fibers patent, US-2009205322-A1: Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment System and Exhaust Gas Cleaning Method patent, US-2010070382-A1: System and method for sales generation in conjunction with a vehicle data system patent, US-2004176738-A1: Transcutaneous fluid drain kit patent, US-2004241442-A1: Methods of providing nano-talc powders patent, US-2007043714-A1: Combined title prefix and full-word content searching patent, US-2007043751-A1: Scalable storage schemes for native XML column data of relational tables patent, US-2004085708-A1: One-cylinder stack capacitor and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2005050084-A1: Dynamic registry partitioning patent, US-2005205880-A1: Display device and electronic appliance patent, US-2008022217-A1: Selecting and identifying view overlay information for electronic display patent, US-2010010983-A1: Automated dicom pre-fetch application patent, US-2007039757-A1: Tension/collar/reamer assemblies and methods patent, US-2005077395-A1: Fuel injector having a modified seat for enhanced compressed natural gas jet mixing patent, US-2004101629-A1: Colour-and/or effect-producing multicoat lacquer, method for production and use thereof patent, US-2009031695-A1: Methods and apparatus for mixing fluid in turbine engines patent, US-2009034617-A1: Image encoding apparatus and image encoding method patent, US-2010060008-A1: Wind and Water Turbine patent, US-2003211310-A1: Foam and method of making patent, US-2004100725-A1: Damped disk spacer patent, US-2007281199-A1: Crosslinked membrane electrode assemblies patent, US-2005275087-A1: Internal package heat dissipator patent, US-2009049079-A1: Database management system, database management method, and program patent, US-2009159372-A1: Safety Arrangement for a Lift Car in a Lift patent, US-2010049143-A1: Detachable Needle Syringe Having Reduced Dead Space patent, US-2005079156-A1: Method of treating endometreosis patent, US-2005099269-A1: Method and apparatus to configure an RFID system to be adaptable to a plurality of environmental conditions patent, US-2005188490-A1: Cleaning article patent, US-2009061134-A1: Flexible, hydrocarbon-resistant polyarylenesulfide compounds and articles patent, US-2010119428-A1: Exhaust-gas treatment apparatus and exhaust-gas treatment method patent, US-2004132883-A1: Continuous neat polymerization and ambient grinding methods of polyolefin drag reducing agents patent, US-2005013032-A1: Method and apparatus for improving signal-to-noise ratio for hard disk drives patent, US-2006081248-A1: Patient oxygen delivery mask patent, US-2006104723-A1: Method for preventing seismic liquefaction of ground in urbanized area and facilities used in this method patent, US-2008256397-A1: System and Method for Network Performance Monitoring and Predictive Failure Analysis patent, US-2010115620-A1: Structural recognition of malicious code patterns patent, US-2010131067-A1: Orthopedic implant with sensor communications antenna and associated diagnostics measuring, monitoring, and response system patent, US-2004059391-A1: Data logging system for implantable medical device patent, US-2005044813-A1: Method for manufacturing, assembling, and encapsulating non-combustible, non-toxic and lighter than air gases in a bubble wrap or pouch form for reduction of shipping costs patent, US-2005174588-A1: Image processing method and image processing device patent, US-2005080876-A1: Network data transfer acceleration system and method patent, US-2005139713-A1: System and process for controlling the deceleration and acceleration rates of a sheet material in forming absorbent articles patent, US-2006190106-A1: Method for consistent storage of data in an industrial controller patent, US-2004232474-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2007044714-A1: Method and apparatus for maintaining a cross sectional shape of a diffuser during processing patent, US-2009106232-A1: Boosting a ranker for improved ranking accuracy patent, US-2010100481-A1: Methods and systems for exchanging and/or transferring various forms of value patent, US-2005177484-A1: Audio-equipped transaction card systems and approaches patent, US-2005247967-A1: High surface area capacitor structures and precursors patent, US-2007276869-A1: Method for selectively associating content items with pre-configured alternatives based upon directed user input patent, US-2009093042-A1: Biofilter media to remove odour causing compounds from waste gas streams patent, US-2008273594-A1: Processing Video Data patent, US-2006016912-A1: Spray head for sprayers in general and particularly for manual sprayers for sinks and the like patent, US-2010122934-A1: Integrated Solvent Deasphalting and Slurry Hydrocracking Process patent, US-2006106884-A1: Systems and methods for storing meta-data separate from a digital asset patent, US-2006289990-A1: Apparatus and method for high density multi-chip structures patent, US-2008239801-A1: Load Management for Memory Device patent, US-2009319496-A1: Data query translating into mixed language data queries patent, US-2006020223-A1: Systems and methods of utilizing electrical readings in the determination of treatment patent, US-2007098782-A1: Ramipril Formulation patent, US-2005232753-A1: Fan array fan section in air-handling systems patent, US-2007099544-A1: Apparatus and method for fabricating liquid crystal display panel patent, US-2004237196-A1: Travel blanket with arm support patent, US-2005022456-A1: Polishing slurry and method for chemical-mechanical polishing of copper patent, US-2005102767-A1: Universal dispenser for dispensing of laundry additives during automatic machine laundering of fabrics patent, US-2007025614-A1: Robust shot detection in a video patent, US-2009261539-A1: Dual Tang Adapter For A Power Tool Attachment patent, US-2009106218-A1: Support for user defined aggregations in a data stream management system patent, US-2008245433-A1: Lateral liner with seal patent, US-2010142052-A1: Display panel and optical filter patent, US-2006078942-A1: Method of treatment using interferon-tau patent, US-2008040375-A1: Method and apparatus for windowing in entropy encoding patent, US-2009266539-A1: Method of controlling torque applied to a tubular connection patent, US-2009240324-A1: Drug Eluting Stent and Method of Making the Same patent, US-2005053094-A1: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) providing quality-of-service (QoS) based unicast and multicast features patent, US-2005165864-A1: System for transmission of voice and data over the same communications line patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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