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US-2008059281-A1: Systems and methods for product attribute analysis and product recommendation patent, US-2008077476-A1: Systems and methods for determining markets to sell merchandise patent, US-2008101724-A1: Constructing arbitrary-plane and multi-arbitrary-plane mosaic composite images from a multi-imager patent, US-2009155869-A1: Engineered microorganisms for producing n-butanol and related methods patent, US-2009157979-A1: Target computer processor unit (cpu) determination during cache injection using input/output (i/o) hub/chipset resources patent, US-2009248585-A1: Online fixed-position advertisement reservation at fixed price and duration patent, US-2003217714-A1: Start control method and apparatus for solenoid-operated valves of internal combustion engine patent, US-2004102293-A1: Inflatable polyhedral exercise device patent, US-2006003454-A1: Non-dividing donor cells for gene transfer patent, US-2006223534-A1: Methods for informing subscribers of adjacent sites patent, US-2006228674-A1: Stable dental analog patent, US-2006259234-A1: System and method for flight plan data capture patent, US-2007000669-A1: Coiled tubing dimple connection patent, US-2007037630-A1: Golf club and golf club head patent, US-2008205978-A1: Cable actuated pin latching mechanism with automatic cable tension and pin release features patent, US-2009024799-A1: Technique for preserving cached information during a low power mode patent, US-2010000213-A1: Exhaust gas control system for internal combustion engine and method for controlling the same patent, US-2010029730-A1: Thiazolyl biphenyl amides patent, US-2010055152-A1: Antihistamine and antihistamine-like nasal application, products, and method patent, US-2010061916-A1: High Temperature Support Apparatus and Method of Use for Casting Materials patent, US-2010067390-A1: System and method for discovery of network entities patent, US-2010122558-A1: Apparatus and Method of Sintering an Optical Fiber Preform patent, US-2004034774-A1: System and method for privilege delegation and control patent, US-2005153524-A1: Strained silicon on insulator from film transfer and relaxation by hydrogen implantation patent, US-2005172927-A1: Engine mounted oil tank patent, US-2005225742-A1: Apparatus and method for optical determination of intermediate distances patent, US-2008123500-A1: Methods for tuning write strategy parameters utilizing data-to-clock edge deviations, and systems thereof patent, US-2009126266-A1: Planting of plant material patent, US-2009273265-A1: Portable active cryo container patent, US-2003202531-A1: Polling response selection using request monitoring in a network switch apparatus patent, US-2003216483-A1: Urethane polymer foam composites in sized particulate form with controlled release of agents and additives patent, US-2004203262-A1: Helical microelectronic contact and method for fabricating same patent, US-2005071791-A1: Method and system for incremental behavioral validation of digital design expressed in hardware description language patent, US-2005241770-A1: Substrate cleaning apparatus and method patent, US-2006250793-A1: Display structures for light-emitting diodes patent, US-2008311384-A1: Coating composition patent, US-2009039327-A1: Toddler Stair Safety System patent, US-2009293346-A1: Integrated reactor and centrifugal separator and uses thereof patent, US-2010070145-A1: System and method employing short range communications for interactively coordinating unloading operations between a harvester and a grain transport patent, US-2010076480-A1: Orthopaedic paste delivering tool and method for continually delivering the paste, and devices and methods for facilitating the delivery of the orthopaedic paste patent, US-2004195321-A1: Product item status patent, US-2005210189-A1: Recording medium with overlapping segment information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium patent, US-2006031331-A1: Real time communications system patent, US-2008264667-A1: Multi-media recessed data low voltage box with cover patent, US-2009296944-A1: Compression and mixing for hearing assistance devices patent, US-2010063738-A1: Fluid conductivity measurement tool and methods patent, US-2004004001-A1: Method of and apparatus for forming three-dimensional structures integral with semiconductor based circuitry patent, US-2004039820-A1: Method and apparatus for directing a flow of packets based on request and server attributes patent, US-2005092604-A1: Method of manufacturing sputter targets with internal cooling channels patent, US-2006009274-A1: Method of playing a game of roulette patent, US-2006231993-A1: Bushing with performance tuning features patent, US-2006252132-A1: Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants patent, US-2007060882-A1: Method and apparatus for treatment of thrombosed hemodialysis access grafts patent, US-2007140641-A1: Dual-Optical Fiber Coupler Enclosure patent, US-2007150279-A1: Word matching with context sensitive character to sound correlating patent, US-2007284516-A1: Optical trap utilizing a pivoting optical fiber patent, US-2009122142-A1: Distributed mobile surveillance system and method patent, US-2010012599-A1: High density panel with rotating tray patent, US-2004112802-A1: System for separating and aligning small parts patent, US-2005094459-A1: Magnetic memory patent, US-2004255255-A1: Method and apparatus to analyze noise in a pulse logic digital circuit design patent, US-2006050999-A1: Polymeric bags with pressure relief valves patent, US-2007100191-A1: Method and device for nozzle-jetting oxygen into a synthesis reactor patent, US-2007157985-A1: Tubing and piping for multiphase flow patent, US-2007209181-A1: Modified boiler wall tube tool patent, US-2007236646-A1: Micro-display and methods patent, US-2008183083-A1: Systems and methods for monitoring effectiveness of congestive heart failure therapy patent, US-2009031788-A1: Hydraulic scale for determing seeding density of a planter and method patent, US-2009064511-A1: Collapsible handle saw apparatus patent, US-2009157989-A1: Distributing Metadata Across Multiple Different Disruption Regions Within an Asymmetric Memory System patent, US-2009306846-A1: Diagnosis System for Cylinder Deactivation Device of Vehicle and Method for the Same patent, US-2003235216-A1: Clock synchronizing method over fault-tolerant Ethernet patent, US-2004016348-A1: Electronic cooking pan systems and methods patent, US-2004040242-A1: Subfloor assembly for athletic playing surface having improved deflection characteristics patent, US-2004116854-A1: Syringe retractable needle and method patent, US-2005025155-A1: Method for carrying out instant messaging with packet switched data patent, US-2005134730-A1: Method and apparatus for video deinterlacing and format conversion patent, US-2006191637-A1: Etching Apparatus and Process with Thickness and Uniformity Control patent, US-2006219394-A1: Stacked-tube heat exchanger patent, US-2007153793-A1: Method and apparatus of modifying integrity protection configuration in a mobile user equipment of a wireless communications system patent, US-2008087018-A1: Bearing systems for high-speed rotating machinery patent, US-2009249805-A1: Ice Cube Tray and Method for Releasing a Single Cube from Tray patent, US-2004032850-A1: Maximizing allowable flexible slot-to cell allocation by using adaptive antennas in a TDD system patent, US-2004204419-A1: Saframycins, analogues and uses thereof patent, US-2005121395-A1: Alum pellets patent, US-2006001994-A1: Method, apparatus and program storage device for dynamically adjusting the write current in each head to compensate for variation in disk drive and environmental parameters patent, US-2006010749-A1: Modular firearm buttstock patent, US-2006096105-A1: Determination of borehole azimuth and the azimuthal dependence of borehole parameters patent, US-2007116008-A1: Second-order hubbing-and-grooming constrained by demand categories patent, US-2009176443-A1: Structured fixed abrasive articles including surface treated nano-ceria filler, and method for making and using the same patent, US-2009260717-A1: Log debarking apparatus patent, US-2010052261-A1: Metallic seal for use in highly-corrosive oil and gas environments patent, US-2006036090-A1: Method for the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides patent, US-2006253980-A1: Playyard with changing platform and bassinet patent, US-2007168696-A1: System for inventing computer systems and alerting users of faults patent, US-2008115083-A1: Data object linking and browsing tool patent, US-2008142415-A1: Cross circulation mail sorter stacker design with dual ported input, and method of operating the same patent, US-2008229127-A1: Method and System for Estimating Processor Utilization from Power Measurements patent, US-2009311764-A1: Process of obtaining ethanol without glucoamylase using pseudomonas saccharophila G4-amylase and variants thereof patent, US-2004197350-A1: Immunizing compositions and methods of use patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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