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US-2009230423-A1: Reinforced chip package structure patent, US-2009269189-A1: Fan blade patent, US-2010078873-A1: Singulating sheet feeder patent, US-2010118054-A1: Mobile terminal and method for displaying images thereon patent, US-2010138672-A1: Raid controller, storage control device, and storage control method patent, US-2003224034-A1: Personal care article and method for inhibiting attachment of yeast to skin patent, US-2004052228-A1: Method and system of frequency and time synchronization of a transceiver to signals received by the transceiver patent, US-2004061732-A1: Serial recording apparatus, serial recording method, and computer-readable computer program patent, US-2004067770-A1: Cellular telephone having a touch screen user interface patent, US-2004070845-A1: Transmissive screen and rear projector patent, US-2004074839-A1: Aerobic wastewater treatment apparatus patent, US-2004242636-A1: Fluoropyrrolidines as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors patent, US-2004248003-A1: Hybrid cell patent, US-2005088564-A1: Image sensor module of camera apparatus and assembling method thereof patent, US-2005134400-A1: FBAR ladder filter and method of grounding of FBAR ladder filters patent, US-2005177292-A1: Controller for work implement of construction machinery, method for controlling construction machinery, and program allowing computer to execute this method patent, US-2005179704-A1: Display patent, US-2005240408-A1: Method and apparatus for entering verbal numerals in electronic devices patent, US-2005246136-A1: Tape drive apparatus patent, US-2006003712-A1: High-quality power ramping in a communications transmitter patent, US-2006056435-A1: Method of offloading iSCSI TCP/IP processing from a host processing unit, and related iSCSI TCP/IP offload engine patent, US-2006182362-A1: Systems and methods relating to enhanced peripheral field motion detection patent, US-2006202579-A1: Polyphase motor with optimised running characteristics patent, US-2006220466-A1: Multi-input power supply circuit, and method of switching power supplies of the same patent, US-2006236924-A1: Apparatus for crystal growth of biomacromolecules patent, US-2006240671-A1: Method of reducing outgassing pollution patent, US-2006247302-A1: Novel compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing same, and methods of use for same patent, US-2007038024-A1: Endoscope electric connection device patent, US-2007041707-A1: Video receiver, transmission apparatus and method of providing a representative image patent, US-2007084196-A1: System and method for determining a NOx storage capacity of a catalytic device patent, US-2007119952-A1: Portable apparatus, storage medium storing program of controlling IC card function lock, and method of controlling IC card function lock patent, US-2007140867-A1: Driving controlling apparatus of linear compressor and method thereof patent, US-2007144971-A1: Monolithic organic copolymer for biopolymer chromatography patent, US-2007147676-A1: Substrate inspection device patent, US-2007153364-A1: Tunable fiber amplifier and laser using discrete fundamental-mode cutoff patent, US-2007156421-A1: Training using simulated work environment patent, US-2007159317-A1: Display apparatus patent, US-2007174079-A1: Apparatus and method for digital imaging, education, and internal marketing software and system patent, US-2007180309-A1: System and method for mirroring data patent, US-2007195202-A1: Method and apparatus for video mode judgement patent, US-2007210915-A1: Monitored voltage inverter for security system patent, US-2007236529-A1: Ink-jet printer head having laminated protective layer and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2007237337-A1: Modular speaker system patent, US-2007255445-A1: Method and apparatus for achieving a fast cross direction caliper control recovery time patent, US-2008034803-A1: Component placement set for the assembly of a given number of system components of a knitting machine, in particular of a circular knitting machine patent, US-2008074413-A1: Display apparatus, display driving apparatus and method for driving same patent, US-2008085317-A1: Method and Formulation for Treating Resistance to Antihypertensives and Related Conditions patent, US-2008103884-A1: Inserting advertisements into a slide show patent, US-2008171654-A1: Supported catalyst, method for preparing the same, cathode electrode comprising the same, and fuel cell comprising the cathode electrode patent, US-2009045526-A1: Stacked memory without unbalanced temperature distributions patent, US-2009052023-A1: Dual field of view sighting system patent, US-2009093437-A1: RNA INTERFERENCE MEDIATED INHIBITION OF CHECKPOINT KINASE-1 (CHK-1) GENE EXPRESSION USING SHORT INTERFERING NUCLEIC ACID (siNA) patent, US-2009200415-A1: Concertina-wire barrier rapid deployment apparatus and method patent, US-2009245352-A1: Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus patent, US-2009279396-A1: Misjudgment correction circuit and optical disk drive patent, US-2010044447-A1: Temperature control for positive pressure air purification unit patent, US-2010109759-A1: Solar cell device having a charge pump patent, US-2010111165-A1: Network flow-based scalable video coding adaptation device and method patent, US-2010139139-A1: Sell tab sheet patent, US-2003192139-A1: Powered toothbrush head patent, US-2003201516-A1: Semiconductor power conversion apparatus patent, US-2004040856-A1: Method for making plastic packages patent, US-2004061603-A1: Clutch protection system patent, US-2004111885-A1: Process for producing a turbine blade or vane patent, US-2004134699-A1: Body construction of electric car patent, US-2004194446-A1: Failure diagnosis apparatus for secondary air supplier patent, US-2004201148-A1: Passive damping of vibrations in a support structure patent, US-2004216110-A1: Task supervision patent, US-2005042734-A1: Cell-free production of glucosamine patent, US-2005131637-A1: Method of constructing personal map database for generating personal map patent, US-2005172102-A1: Array-type computer processor patent, US-2005184495-A1: Safety system for use in a vehicle patent, US-2005187142-A1: Zinc-free and low-zinc insulin preparations having improved stability patent, US-2005256217-A1: Monoalkenyl aromatic polyblend patent, US-2005264456-A1: Dual-band inverted-F antenna patent, US-2006008115-A1: Authentic document and method of making patent, US-2006008519-A1: Compositions and methods for stabilizing lipid based adjuvant formulations using glycolipids patent, US-2006080437-A1: Fake web addresses and hyperlinks patent, US-2006087071-A1: Magazine apparatus for retaining flexible bags patent, US-2006091178-A1: Positioning structure for nailer patent, US-2006102127-A1: Start controller for internal combustion engine patent, US-2006259789-A1: State maintenance patent, US-2007101971-A1: Air bypass device in multiple throttle body patent, US-2007102216-A1: Straddle-type vehicle patent, US-2007113550-A1: Turbocharger with a thin-walled turbine housing having a floating flange attachment to the centre housing patent, US-2007139751-A1: Variable mirror patent, US-2007155397-A1: Apparatus and method for measuring amount of user traffic in wireless communication system patent, US-2007177013-A1: Remote instruction system, remote instruction method, and program product for remote instruction patent, US-2007266818-A1: Reduction gear pump patent, US-2007293401-A1: Highly branched polymeric materials as surfactants for oil-based muds patent, US-2007296117-A1: Process And Apparatus For Making A Plastic Component From Self-Reinforced Thermo-Plastic Material And Plastic Component Produced patent, US-2008021706-A1: Speech distribution system patent, US-2008066869-A1: Adhesive tape cutting method and adhesive tape joining apparatus using the same patent, US-2008093435-A1: Mechanical golf counter patent, US-2008143602-A1: Miniaturized orthogonal antenna system patent, US-2008155635-A1: System and/or method for high-definition media distribution patent, US-2008173845-A1: Nanocrystalline phosphor and coated nanocrystalline phosphor as well as method of preparing coated nanocrystalline phosphor patent, US-2008224529-A1: Method of Tapering Bristles for Toothbrushes, and Toothbrush Having Bristles Manufactured by Said Method patent, US-2008238344-A1: Light Emitting Apparatus patent, US-2008251333-A1: Rod assembly weld patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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