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US-2006173582-A1: Approach for managing power consumption of network devices patent, US-2007084445-A1: Flange mounted valve manifold patent, US-2007121307-A1: EMI/RFI shield for electronic device patent, US-2007220403-A1: System and method for dynamic allocation of forward error encoding patent, US-2007238928-A1: Biopsy port for easy device passage patent, US-2008182115-A1: Multi-functional circuitry substrates and compositions and methods relating thereto patent, US-2008231838-A1: Detection sensor to detect receiving position of laser light and level device employing the detection sensor to detect receiving position of laser light patent, US-2009018038-A1: Lubricating oil compositions for automatic transmissions patent, US-2009201937-A1: Resilient provider link state bridging (plsb) virtual private lan service (vpls) interworking patent, US-2004025786-A1: Substrate processing apparatus and reaction container patent, US-2004191378-A1: System and method for processing tortillas patent, US-2005211189-A1: Pet collar with retractable leash patent, US-2005229298-A1: Dual Flush Control Mechanism and Toilet Incorporating the Same patent, US-2006213910-A1: Trash can assembly with motion damper for lid patent, US-2006245088-A1: Kinematic mount having connectors with beveled edges patent, US-2007097096-A1: Bimodal user interface paradigm for touch screen devices patent, US-2008096841-A1: Treatment and Prevention of Heat Shock Protein-Associated Diseases and Conditions patent, US-2008180681-A1: Fiber optic sensor using a bragg fiber patent, US-2009055004-A1: Method and Apparatus for Creating Visual Effects on Grass patent, US-2009179119-A1: Cable Management System patent, US-2009251259-A1: System and method for producing a slide lock mechanism patent, US-2010034422-A1: Object tracking using linear features patent, US-2010062823-A1: Method and apparatus that control risk and uncertainty in a frequency priced raffle patent, US-2010138004-A1: Apparatus and method for model-based control patent, US-2003226701-A1: Remote-control toy vehicle with power take-off mechanism patent, US-2004081438-A1: Method forcontrolling or regulating the current in a direct current machine for a fan patent, US-2004117282-A1: System and method for creating and managing new and existing financial instruments patent, US-2005046064-A1: Foamed in-press sealer for consolidated cellulosic materials patent, US-2005145083-A1: Machine for processing sheets with cutouts of folds transverse to their forward moving direction patent, US-2005169703-A1: Spread-style coupler with supplemental lock system patent, US-2005171228-A1: UV-curable compositions patent, US-2005251556-A1: Continuous feedback-controlled deployment of message transforms in a distributed messaging system patent, US-2006012802-A1: Apparatus and methods for surface contour measurement patent, US-2006031577-A1: Remote processing and protocol conversion interface module patent, US-2007046668-A1: System and method for predicting performance of electrical power cables patent, US-2007263336-A1: Three-phase harmonic reduction filter for bidirectional power converters patent, US-2008064015-A1: Devices for teaching elementary fractional concepts patent, US-2008254406-A1: Universal impression trays and method of use patent, US-2008298520-A1: High-speed multi-mode receiver patent, US-2009186712-A1: Billiards stroke training device patent, US-2010093893-A1: Removing Fluorosurfactant from Aqueous Fluoropolymer Dispersions Using Anion Exchange Polymer With Functional Groups Resistant To Degradation to Trialkylamines patent, US-2004176766-A1: Apparatus for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion patent, US-2005092162-A1: Portable voice studio system and method patent, US-2006066847-A1: Inspection apparatus patent, US-2007002290-A1: Image recording apparatus patent, US-2007035127-A1: Protective sleeve for tubular connection patent, US-2007185310-A1: Thermal- and chemical-resistant acid protection coating material and spin-on thermoplastic adhesive patent, US-2007221539-A1: Additives for crude oils patent, US-2007260809-A1: Communication Between Image-Related Apparatus and Information Apparatus patent, US-2007270941-A1: Bioabsorbable stents with reinforced filaments patent, US-2007271828-A1: Two-stage snow plow patent, US-2008118035-A1: Robotic device and method for trauma patient diagnosis and therapy patent, US-2008155068-A1: Support for sharing abstract applications patent, US-2008189382-A1: Media stream distribution system patent, US-2008260198-A1: Headset patent, US-2009032560-A1: Hand mount patent, US-2009096847-A1: Ink refill unit with incremental ink ejection mechanism patent, US-2009110453-A1: Fuser member with nano-sized filler patent, US-2009148594-A1: Interconnection element with plated posts formed on mandrel patent, US-2009218305-A1: Device for preventing sway of suspended load patent, US-2009270628-A1: Process for making montelukast intermediates patent, US-2009295577-A1: Area Monitoring Sensor patent, US-2010031578-A1: Ada compliant collapsible threshold for use with a sliding door assembly patent, US-2010032240-A1: Flexible trap door patent, US-2010128959-A1: Method for detection of caries patent, US-2004223709-A1: Optical fiber ribbons having a preferential separation sequence patent, US-2005104547-A1: Robot with a manipulator arm patent, US-2005216607-A1: Power managed busses and arbitration patent, US-2006103149-A1: Recessed door lock actuator assembly for a vehicle patent, US-2006173251-A1: Current-based position sensing patent, US-2007174057-A1: Providing programming information in response to spoken requests patent, US-2007228735-A1: Power control system and method patent, US-2007248360-A1: Tables For Determining The Signal Strength Of A Received Signal In A Fibre Optics Transceiver patent, US-2007253289-A1: Synchronization of seismic data acquisition systems patent, US-2007257094-A1: Continuously wound reinforced container and method of making the same patent, US-2008109873-A1: Acquisition of authentication rules for service provisioning patent, US-2008163210-A1: Dynamic virtual machine generation patent, US-2008187397-A1: Flexible traffic reflector patent, US-2008201611-A1: Defect Resolution Methodology Target Assessment Process patent, US-2008309383-A1: Semiconductor Integrated Circuit patent, US-2009216446-A1: Systems, apparatus and methods for delivery of location-oriented information patent, US-2009299118-A1: FCC For Light Feed Upgrading patent, US-2004007877-A1: Electret generator apparatus and method patent, US-2004253376-A1: Fabric treatment compositions patent, US-2005096990-A1: System and methods for disclosing transaction information to customers patent, US-2005252677-A1: Flat flexible cable with integrated stiffener patent, US-2006237640-A1: Method and device for the continuous determination of damage to systems used for the post-treatment of heat engine exhaust gases patent, US-2006284457-A1: Covered portable chair assembly and methods of use and manufacture patent, US-2007022518-A1: Double slotted scarf patent, US-2007219014-A1: Golf ball retrieval and positioning system patent, US-2008184209-A1: Profiling metrics for computer programs patent, US-2009137440-A1: Cleaning compositions and methods patent, US-2005060444-A1: Rugged computing module patent, US-2005217529-A1: Projectile and method for sealing a projectile in a barrel patent, US-2005276898-A1: Aerated creamers and processes patent, US-2006017356-A1: Device and method for covering and exposing an object patent, US-2006175306-A1: Variable arc gap plasma igniter patent, US-2007027790-A1: Exchange trading of mutual funds or other portfolio basket products patent, US-2007040440-A1: Vehicle seat, in particular a motor vehicle seat patent, US-2007099785-A1: Method and apparatus for flexible sheet folding patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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