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US-2005067223-A1: Platform lift apparatus with integrated ladder for accessing attic storage space patent, US-2005113974-A1: Cooperative robot system and navigation robot system patent, US-2005171406-A1: Retractors patent, US-2005185140-A1: Lighting device and projection type display system patent, US-2005196977-A1: Method of forming silicon nitride film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2005216775-A1: Methods and apparatus for achieving thermal management using processor manipulation patent, US-2006003239-A1: Multilayer optical display device patent, US-2006127633-A1: Reinforced wood product and methods for reinforcing a wood product patent, US-2006206313-A1: Dictionary learning method and device using the same, input method and user terminal device using the same patent, US-2006214638-A1: Battery management system and method patent, US-2007093118-A1: Equipment caddie system patent, US-2007096767-A1: Method of preventing display panel from burn-in defect patent, US-2007205366-A1: Laser Beam Steering System And Method For Use In A Directional Infrared Countermeasures System patent, US-2007268463-A1: Projection device with solar cell panel patent, US-2008028869-A1: Flow indicator and apparatus for monitoring particles in air patent, US-2008042876-A1: Advisory System For Previewing Local Conditions On A Highway patent, US-2008095353-A1: Computer program products for routing phone calls to a pstn or a packet switched network based on called number patent, US-2008099455-A1: Flux-cored wire for gas shielded arc welding for creep-resisting steels patent, US-2008108460-A1: Bases for baseball and softball patent, US-2008207128-A1: Method, Device and System for Controlling Application Launching in a Mobile Terminal Device patent, US-2008223653-A1: Poroelastic acoustical foam having enhanced sound-absorbing performance patent, US-2008233546-A1: Visual scene displays, uses thereof, and corresponding apparatuses patent, US-2008311547-A1: System and methods for a reading fluency measure patent, US-2009010707-A1: Connection mechanism of plate member and shaft member patent, US-2009028360-A1: Multichannel Downmixing Device patent, US-2009056707-A1: Process of removing calcium and obtaining sulfate salts from an aqueous sugar solution patent, US-2009071513-A1: Hydrodynamic nozzle patent, US-2009142159-A1: Self-Drilling Screw patent, US-2009278001-A1: Movable support post patent, US-2009284780-A1: Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program patent, US-2009305588-A1: Wake board patent, US-2010100203-A1: Insuring proper communication with chosen implant among multiple implants in proximity to one another patent, US-2004117241-A1: System and method for implementing performance prediction system that incorporates supply-chain information patent, US-2004122941-A1: Customized interactive voice response menus patent, US-2004131470-A1: Cooling fan with reinforced blade patent, US-2004146164-A1: Encrypting data for access by multiple users patent, US-2004250685-A1: In-wall coffee maker system and method of installation patent, US-2005019282-A1: Method and topical composition for the treatment of hyperpigmented skin patent, US-2005131724-A1: Enhanced online auction method and apparatus patent, US-2005160825-A1: Pressure sensors having neutral plane positioned transducers patent, US-2005217206-A1: Door, deep draw molded door facing, and methods of forming door and facing patent, US-2006000558-A1: Solar-Powered, Low-Voltage, Automatic, Motorized Exterior Window Shading Device patent, US-2006031600-A1: Method of processing a context for execution patent, US-2006266860-A1: Fishing reel, fishing information display device, and fishing information display system patent, US-2006270529-A1: Martial arts practice device patent, US-2007080792-A1: Vehicle theft detection system patent, US-2007088838-A1: Device, system and method of wireless content delivery patent, US-2008006776-A1: Charged Particle Beam Irradiator and Rotary Gantry patent, US-2008016893-A1: Low-temperature showcase patent, US-2008091086-A1: Method and Apparatus for a Constellation-of-Symptoms Approach to Patient-Driven Computer-Assisted Diagnosis patent, US-2008158144-A1: Scanning Display Apparatus patent, US-2008192095-A1: Inkjet recording apparatus and ink supply method patent, US-2008256877-A1: Inflatable film production accessories patent, US-2008276308-A1: Single Sign On patent, US-2008306183-A1: Antimicrobial polyolefin and polyester compositions patent, US-2009097385-A1: Information recording/reproducing apparatus patent, US-2009099798-A1: Real-Time Power System Oscillation Detection Using Modal Analysis patent, US-2009266163-A1: Sensor patent, US-2004114011-A1: Inkjet printer patent, US-2009282629-A1: Produce bin scrubber and related methods patent, US-2010041930-A1: Integrated propylene production patent, US-2010089561-A1: Pipe joint block for fluid transfer patent, US-2010124312-A1: Tomographic image capturing apparatus patent, US-2010142436-A1: Communication Systems patent, US-2004076871-A1: Electrochemical structure patent, US-2004083436-A1: Process and system for developing dynamic circuit guildelines patent, US-2004124667-A1: Bumper device patent, US-2004149842-A1: Hammermill with improved comminuting efficiency patent, US-2004239265-A1: Closed loop mover assembly with measurement system patent, US-2005120666-A1: Concrete anchor float patent, US-2006010613-A1: Method of washing laundry in drum washing machine patent, US-2006052172-A1: Juvenile furniture electronic amusement device patent, US-2006135234-A1: System and method for automatically enabling and disabling advertising in video games patent, US-2007025366-A1: Method and system for a low-overhead mobility management protocol in the internet protocol layer patent, US-2007141966-A1: Burr removal apparatus patent, US-2007175928-A1: Fluid dispensing system patent, US-2008007328-A1: Multiple power mode amplifier with bias modulation option and without bypass switches patent, US-2008047358-A1: Flow measurement in partially filled pipes using pulsed peak velocity doppler patent, US-2008103288-A1: Contact lens extraction/hydration systems and methods of reprocessing fluids used therein patent, US-2008196838-A1: Tire remounting tool for use with a tire dismounting/remounting machine patent, US-2008205086-A1: Inverter system patent, US-2008243248-A1: In situ graft preparation for knee ligament reconstruction patent, US-2008298973-A1: Turbine vane with divided turbine vane platform patent, US-2009001754-A1: Roof side weather strip for automobile patent, US-2009046864-A1: Audio spatialization and environment simulation patent, US-2009077232-A1: Remote activity monitoring patent, US-2009087244-A1: Cassette for a printer patent, US-2009111552-A1: Gaming machine, playing method thereof and gaming system patent, US-2009158297-A1: System and method of dynamically loading and executing module devices using inter-core-communication channel in multicore system environment patent, US-2010044010-A1: Manifold with multiple passages and cross-counterflow heat exchanger incorporating the same patent, US-2010101422-A1: Fuel storage tank pressure management system including a carbon canister patent, US-2004053758-A1: Suction roll with sensors for detecting temperature and/or pressure patent, US-2004261312-A1: Drop-shot fishing hook patent, US-2005032909-A1: Treatment of mastalgia with 4-hydroxy tamoxifen patent, US-2005203427-A1: Stenosis detection device patent, US-2006058655-A1: Ultrasonic transducer having a thin wire interface patent, US-2006069596-A1: Workflow hosting computing system using a collaborative application patent, US-2006106645-A1: System and methods for tracking medical encounters patent, US-2006133131-A1: Low voltage semiconductor memory device patent, US-2006147316-A1: Quiet fluid pump patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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