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US-2007163603-A1: Tongue retention device and method of use patent, US-2007164759-A1: Method and apparatus for measurement of electrical resistance patent, US-2008020880-A1: Sprocket of a chain transmission for a bicycle patent, US-2008023932-A1: Self propelled tricycle wheel chair patent, US-2008045993-A1: Devices, Systems, Methods and Kits for Performing Selective Dissection of Lung Tissue patent, US-2008090461-A1: Interface module patent, US-2008112414-A1: Mobility management system and method for mobile internet protocol network patent, US-2008149064-A1: Supporting structure and a supporting member for a camshaft patent, US-2008162701-A1: Virtual Contact Center with Dynamic Routing patent, US-2008188319-A1: Golf club training and warm-up apparatus patent, US-2009007611-A1: Electromechanical device for locking the gearbox selector of a vehicle, and a method for its operation patent, US-2009033412-A1: Remote Audio Amplifier Monitoring System patent, US-2009039310-A1: Deicing Composition and Use Thereof patent, US-2009046848-A1: Encryption management system patent, US-2009054744-A1: Skin state analyzing method, skin state analyzing apparatus, and computer-readable medium storing skin state analyzing program patent, US-2009062981-A1: Vehicular behavior determination device and vehicular behavior determination method patent, US-2009145247-A1: Sample holder for holding samples at pre-determined angles patent, US-2009145997-A1: Integral powered wing aircraft patent, US-2009165578-A1: Dissolution test equipment and methods for testing patent, US-2009220876-A1: Self lubricating photoreceptor patent, US-2009300891-A1: Tape with interlocking device patent, US-2010016738-A1: Systems and methods for pulse processing patent, US-2010109192-A1: Method for sealing a complex shape electronic sensor by low-pressure injection of reactive resin patent, US-2003233421-A1: Network communication device, communication device, data reception processing method and data transmission processing method, data transmission processing program and data reception processing program, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2004016770-A1: Relating to tote bins patent, US-2004207244-A1: Chair conversion device patent, US-2004264762-A1: System and method for detecting and analyzing features in an agricultural field patent, US-2005008550-A1: Low-power atmospheric pressure mini-plasma and array for surface and material treatment patent, US-2005012603-A1: Device for determining the passability of a vehicle patent, US-2005075062-A1: Retaining ring for wafer carriers patent, US-2005124423-A1: Plunging constant velocity joint for a propshaft tuned for energy absorption patent, US-2005166104-A1: Simultaneous AC logic self-test of multiple clock domains patent, US-2005183496-A1: Micro slit viscometer with monolithically integrated pressure sensors patent, US-2005215365-A1: Rib-reinforced hockey stick shaft and method of fabrication patent, US-2005227791-A1: Virtual caddy system and method patent, US-2005269305-A1: System and method for welding with multiple arcs patent, US-2006125773-A1: Backlight device, method of driving backlight and liquid crystal display apparatus patent, US-2006129987-A1: Apparatus, system, and method for accessing management data patent, US-2006172754-A1: Method and system for servicing full duplex call in push-to-talk over cellular patent, US-2006205538-A1: Segmented observable activity enclosure and method of use patent, US-2006253816-A1: Apparatus and Method For Memory Efficient, Programmable, Pattern Matching Finite State Machine Hardware patent, US-2007053046-A1: Electrode With Transparent Series Resistance For Uniform Switching Of Optical Modulation Devices patent, US-2007057221-A1: Solenoid drive apparatus patent, US-2007110551-A1: Container dump truck and oblique transfer system patent, US-2007209182-A1: Device For Removing An Archery Arrow Or Arrowhead From A Receiving Support patent, US-2007236601-A1: Iterative method of interpolating image information values patent, US-2008022277-A1: Method for controlling storage policy according to volume activity patent, US-2008064442-A1: Identity and payment modem module for handsets patent, US-2008075884-A1: Process for producing molded printed material, and molded printed material patent, US-2008227386-A1: Pilot transmission by relay stations in a multihop relay communication system patent, US-2008251959-A1: Method of manufacturing a carbon-carbon brake disc patent, US-2009008973-A1: Active material actuated headrest assemblies patent, US-2009103775-A1: Multi-Tracking of Video Objects patent, US-2009108599-A1: Bumper beam structure for vehicle patent, US-2009116152-A1: Multilayer stitched yoke for a high data rate perpendicular write head patent, US-2009189468-A1: Rotary actuator having electric motor and speed reduction device patent, US-2009244588-A1: Communication apparatus, communication method, computer readable medium and image forming apparatus patent, US-2009281686-A1: Floating Dock Deflection Management Systems patent, US-2010066670-A1: Force sensing for fine tracking control of mouse cursor patent, US-2010081490-A1: Slide module and portable terminal having the same patent, US-2010100925-A1: Digital Rights Management (DRM)-Enabled Policy Management For An Identity Provider In A Federated Environment patent, US-2010106003-A1: MRIS shim coil patent, US-2010125370-A1: Air-conditioning apparatus patent, US-2003229339-A1: Method and apparatus for intrastromal refractive surgery patent, US-2004054299-A1: Calibration method for an automated surgical biopsy device patent, US-2004080175-A1: Wind shield for motorbikes and drive device for a vehicle component patent, US-2004090928-A1: Aggregatable connectivity patent, US-2004104829-A1: Parallel to serial conversion device and method patent, US-2004179723-A1: Identity verification apparatus and fingerprint image pickup method patent, US-2004199810-A1: Resource allocation aware queuing of requests for media resources patent, US-2004223990-A1: Cosmetic compositions for caring for and/or making up the skin, lips and/or integuments patent, US-2005040008-A1: Gate assembly patent, US-2005050228-A1: Method and apparatus for the use of dynamic XML message formats with web services patent, US-2005055003-A1: Absorbent tampon comprising a secondary absorbent member attached to the outer surface patent, US-2005082780-A1: Modular axle assembly patent, US-2005083575-A1: Direct-write system and method for roll-to-roll manufacturing of reflective gratings patent, US-2005086752-A1: Rotary toothbrush patent, US-2005097052-A1: Distribution of media objects patent, US-2005112801-A1: LED driver with integrated bias and dimming control storage patent, US-2005197269-A1: Solid particulate laundry detergent composition comprising clay and polydimethylsiloxane patent, US-2005197792-A1: Sliding window for alert generation patent, US-2005198170-A1: Secure electronic message transport protocol patent, US-2005249435-A1: Apparatuses and methods for rotating an image patent, US-2005258815-A1: Method for measuring a three-port device using a two-port vector network analyzer patent, US-2006008345-A1: Methods and apparatus for sensing parameters of air flows patent, US-2006022085-A1: Device and method of control of fixed and variable geometry rhomboid wings patent, US-2006032534-A1: Fuel tank cap safety valve with splash control and overpressure release patent, US-2006083601-A1: Grommet patent, US-2006108269-A1: Apparatus and method for creating a floating cover patent, US-2004089349-A1: Bi-directional constant flow device patent, US-2006207865-A1: Shock absorbent roller thumb wheel patent, US-2006270256-A1: Contact extraction tool patent, US-2006287839-A1: Switch-activated zero checking feature for a Coriolis flowmeter patent, US-2007035727-A1: Closed region defect detection system patent, US-2007081737-A1: Anti-clipping method for image sharpness enhancement patent, US-2007105733-A1: Method for treating textiles and articles of clothing patent, US-2007119049-A1: Robot control device and robot system patent, US-2007193962-A1: Support for cloths and rolled stock patent, US-2007258321-A1: System for reducing towing noise in marine seismic survey streamers patent, US-2008021479-A1: Guide Pin Placement for Hip Resurfacing patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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