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US-2009326225-A1: Novel Process for the Preparation of Hexacyclic Compounds patent, US-2010002666-A1: Wireless base station and wireless communication terminal and wireless communication system patent, US-2010025176-A1: Power transmission apparatus patent, US-2010027495-A1: Method and Apparatus for Providing Acknowledgment Signaling patent, US-2010038337-A1: Flask closure with hinged lid and tamper indicating element patent, US-2010045521-A1: Method of Downloading Ephemeris Data Based on User Activity patent, US-2010051743-A1: Rear lower aerodynamic fairing for the attachment device of an aircraft engine patent, US-2010064146-A1: Power system design tool patent, US-2010070222-A1: Test device and a method for carrying out a function test on a communication system patent, US-2010076298-A1: Method and device for determining the spatial distribution of the specific absorption rate produced by an electromagnetic field-radiating apparatus patent, US-2010080355-A1: Acquisition of high speed dual-energy images using a single pixilated digital detector patent, US-2010082790-A1: Server scanning system and method patent, US-2010097436-A1: Method for providing a plurality of laser-printed labels from a medium supported on a disc patent, US-2010131670-A1: Communication device, communication method, and program patent, US-2003197397-A1: Hardtop vehicle roof with three rigid roof parts patent, US-2004019778-A1: Method and system for a portable adaptable operating environment identity patent, US-2004031569-A1: Universal spacer for tire building drum patent, US-2004046530-A1: Power plant and a method for operation thereof patent, US-2004079563-A1: Transaxle apparatus and four-wheel driving working vehicle using the apparatus patent, US-2004107136-A1: Interactive electronic commerce system facilitating management of advertising, promotion and information interchange messages patent, US-2004168048-A1: Processing system patent, US-2004177451-A1: Composite fibre reforming method and uses patent, US-2004189342-A1: Termination circuits having pull-down and pull-up circuits and related methods patent, US-2004212472-A1: Bond magnet and ferrite magnetic powder for bond magnet patent, US-2004213612-A1: Print via network patent, US-2004217212-A1: Spray element for a spray head patent, US-2004252155-A1: Apparatus for depositing droplets patent, US-2004260560-A1: VoIP security intelligence systems and methods patent, US-2005012347-A1: Apparatus for and method of removing a pulley patent, US-2005021410-A1: System for handling refund of value-added tax patent, US-2005045608-A1: Method and apparatus of electronic selection of an output mode of a welding power source patent, US-2005052226-A1: Forward-amplifying filter circuit patent, US-2005085177-A1: Work working method and apparatus, cassette, and unit for printing apparatus patent, US-2005086773-A1: Fastener element for connecting a structural part to a support part patent, US-2005101994-A1: Beauty culture device patent, US-2005106495-A1: Polymerizable composition patent, US-2003224651-A1: Conducting-wire connector patent, US-2005134359-A1: Metal-oxide-semiconductor device having integrated bias circuit patent, US-2005139158-A1: Conveyance apparatus for processing step patent, US-2005139193-A1: Control device for internal combustion engine patent, US-2005162162-A1: Method and apparatus for multi-frequency NMR diffusion measurements in the presence of internal magnetic field gradients patent, US-2005230167-A1: Snowmobile with rear arrangement suitable to a accept a transportable object patent, US-2005288493-A1: Metal complex dyes for inkjet inks patent, US-2006034291-A1: Live content switching method, source device, and sink device patent, US-2006067802-A1: Support structure apparatus and method patent, US-2006071968-A1: Head unit, a droplet ejection apparatus, a method of manufacturing a panel from a base, an image display apparatus and an electronic apparatus patent, US-2006087166-A1: Power lift and tilt modules patent, US-2006088022-A1: Wireless transfer system patent, US-2006089097-A1: Method and system for managing digital satellite content for broadcast to a target fleet patent, US-2006148565-A1: Tournament for gaming machines patent, US-2006159294-A1: Capacitor microphone patent, US-2006165781-A1: Orally disintegrating tablets and process for obtaining them patent, US-2006167721-A1: Methods for patient care using acuity templates patent, US-2006183403-A1: Race track game system patent, US-2006193714-A1: Method, fastening system and auxiliary apparatus for fastening a first component to a second component with a precise separation patent, US-2006195748-A1: Electronic product testing procedure supervising method and system patent, US-2006229062-A1: Protection method using a password verifying schedule for a mobile communication device patent, US-2006232656-A1: Thermal printer, print head, printing method and substrate for use therewith patent, US-2006236531-A1: Electrolyte capacitors having a polymeric outer layer and process for their production patent, US-2006238541-A1: Displaying an image using memory control unit patent, US-2007034576-A1: Method for separating a homogeneous catalyst patent, US-2007044990-A1: Automotive cable holding system patent, US-2007084593-A1: Heat exchanger and use thereof patent, US-2007085014-A1: Method and apparatus for charged particle-photon coincidence detection and uses for same patent, US-2007095687-A1: Swivel-lid protective case patent, US-2007101810-A1: Radar level gauge with variable transmission power patent, US-2007120620-A1: Tunable surface mount ceramic coupler patent, US-2007154216-A1: Wavelength tracking apparatus and method in WDM-PON system patent, US-2007171522-A1: Masking device for a cinema screen patent, US-2007187563-A1: Cradle device for portable terminal patent, US-2007199780-A1: Method for adjusting a braking torque and permanently excited magnetic hysteresis brake patent, US-2007220311-A1: Cross tagging of data for consistent recovery patent, US-2007237407-A1: Decoding circuit and display apparatus patent, US-2007247827-A1: Board-mounting device patent, US-2007251508-A1: Fuel pump with inner channel priming patent, US-2007259978-A1: Proton Exchange Composite Membrane with Low Resistance and Preparation Thereof patent, US-2007263385-A1: Flexible Cable Light Capable Of Generating The Visual Effect Of Flowing Water patent, US-2007267494-A1: Mobile terminal incorporating card removal mechanism patent, US-2007283319-A1: Software development framework using component-based architecture patent, US-2008101099-A1: Ripple Reduction for Switch-Mode Power Conversion patent, US-2008130794-A1: Method for optimum threshold selection of time-of-arrival estimators patent, US-2008140365-A1: Simulation method, simulation system, and method of modifying mask pattern patent, US-2008151524-A1: Horizontal Cable Manager patent, US-2008169426-A1: Technique for Reducing Magnetic Fields at an Implant Location patent, US-2008191451-A1: Mobile Carriage, for Example for a Buggy ( as Amended) patent, US-2008207331-A1: Artificial player character for massive multi-player on-line game patent, US-2008272001-A1: Production line treatment for organic product patent, US-2008301568-A1: Method for Proposing the Meeting in the Regional Community Service System Based on Mobile Blog Through a Mobile Terminal patent, US-2008302928-A1: Adjustable mounting assembly for standing seam panels patent, US-2008313334-A1: Data exchange protocol enhancement to query object permissions patent, US-2009001844-A1: Motor adopting improved mechanism patent, US-2009011301-A1: Controlling the Requested Power Output of a Fuel Cell System patent, US-2009063042-A1: Pre-fetching navigation maps patent, US-2009067899-A1: Fixing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2009071589-A1: Glass Laminate Containing Poly Vinyl Acetal patent, US-2009082238-A1: Composition and method for treatment of residues in pumping, bore and reticulation equipment patent, US-2009167107-A1: Micro-electro-mechanical transducer having embedded springs patent, US-2009194034-A1: Teat foam ring patent, US-2009207343-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2009207444-A1: Printer and control method for a printer patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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