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US-2010134171-A1: Clock generation circuit and integrated circuit patent, US-2003222539-A1: Piezoelectric filter and electronic component including the same patent, US-2004028310-A1: Multiplexable fiber-optic strain sensor system with temperature compensation capability patent, US-2004038573-A1: Electrical socket with a protrusion and a spring terminal piece for clamping a plug therebetween patent, US-2004040736-A1: Shielded cable patent, US-2004046854-A1: Driving ic and optical print head patent, US-2004074613-A1: Disposable hospital curtain patent, US-2004075910-A1: Optical antireflection film and process for forming the same patent, US-2004095640-A1: Microscope, and method for modifying the light flux in a microscope patent, US-2004105097-A1: Weighted least-square interferometric measurement of multiple surfaces patent, US-2004135088-A1: Mid infra red analysis patent, US-2004146128-A1: Method to compensate for a step DC disturbance in a digital baseband signal in a homodyne radio receiver patent, US-2004151754-A1: Steroid suspensions for intraocular use patent, US-2004179850-A1: Wavelength dispersion compensation system patent, US-2004189172-A1: Array of barriers for flat panel displays and method for making the array of barriers patent, US-2004191361-A1: High speed direct mold clamping apparatus of an injection molding machine patent, US-2004236617-A1: System and method for determining a return on investment patent, US-2004238801-A1: Light-diffusing film and composition for the same patent, US-2004247328-A1: Information collector, resetting method, program and remote maintenance system patent, US-2004251064-A1: Power transmitting apparatus for hybrid vehicle patent, US-2005000815-A1: Plate for offset printing and method for manufacturing said plate patent, US-2005065231-A1: Inorganic antimicrobial agent, antimicrobial molded resin articles using the same and process for the production thereof patent, US-2005073260-A1: Image display device patent, US-2005078970-A1: Image forming apparatus and method patent, US-2005086729-A1: Bidet patent, US-2005089226-A1: Apparatus and method for letter recognition patent, US-2005098418-A1: Suspended control device patent, US-2005103792-A1: Method for connecting plastic elements to metal sheets and constructions patent, US-2005110343-A1: Vehicle brake system with active hydraulic brake force reinforcement patent, US-2005116861-A1: Antenna and communication device patent, US-2005118014-A1: Compact molecular-drag vacuum pump patent, US-2005184998-A1: Method for displaying an image, image display apparatus, method for driving an image display apparatus and apparatus for driving an image display panel patent, US-2005189198-A1: Valve device patent, US-2005211369-A1: Production method of decorative film patent, US-2005243052-A1: Apparatus and method for driving lamp of liquid crystal display device patent, US-2005249195-A1: Methods, systems and computer program products for handling multiple incoming calls simultaneously using central office voice over network (co_von) patent, US-2005264136-A1: Surface acoustic wave device patent, US-2005274427-A1: Guiding member, jacquard harness incorporating such a member, process for manufacturing such a member and weaving loom comprising such a member patent, US-2006033989-A1: Methods for hyperspace diagonal counting for multiobjective pareto frontier visualization and systems thereof patent, US-2006037638-A1: Complex oxide having p-type thermoelectric characteristics patent, US-2006039556-A1: Method and system for implementing the GEA3 encryption algorithm for GPRS compliant handsets patent, US-2006045331-A1: Transformation structures for approximating color matching functions patent, US-2006049827-A1: Sensor and method patent, US-2006056339-A1: Method and system for controlling reduced slot cycle mode for paging in a mobile communication system patent, US-2006061627-A1: Printhead assembly with mating printhead integrated circuits patent, US-2006068456-A1: Methods for screening and identifying compounds patent, US-2006070470-A1: Drive mechanism patent, US-2006096355-A1: Adhesion promotion vacuum monitoring system for photo resist coaters patent, US-2006132469-A1: Servosystem patent, US-2006139937-A1: Automatic headlamp control patent, US-2006176478-A1: Raman spectroscopy with stabilized multi-mode lasers patent, US-2006179560-A1: Induction flush device patent, US-2006195341-A1: Method and system for creating a conveniently accessible medical history patent, US-2006196278-A1: Flow meter patent, US-2006210305-A1: Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively positioning a supporting member patent, US-2006223357-A1: Electric connector plug with lock screws patent, US-2006231819-A1: Fence system with pultruded rail sections patent, US-2006247579-A1: Medicatioin injector patent, US-2006287006-A1: Hands-free audio system for a wireless communication device patent, US-2006291592-A1: Multi-symbol noncoherent CPM detector patent, US-2007003411-A1: Variable displacement turbine liner patent, US-2007014574-A1: Optical communication system having optical amplification function patent, US-2007034083-A1: Beverage brewing device patent, US-2007035087-A1: Board game and board-game environment patent, US-2007042622-A1: Memory card connector patent, US-2007050537-A1: Flash memory device including a multi buffer program scheme patent, US-2007067236-A1: Method and system for advancing funds patent, US-2007069136-A1: System and method for providing slant-angle collimation for nuclear medical imaging patent, US-2007150321-A1: Method and apparatus for internet feast patent, US-2007152237-A1: Optical system for detecting the concentration of combustion products patent, US-2007183249-A1: Command decoder circuit of semiconductor memory device patent, US-2007196239-A1: Optical nanowire biosensor based on energy transfer patent, US-2007211294-A1: Image forming apparatus, printing control method, recording medium, and data signal patent, US-2007226581-A1: Error codes for products patent, US-2007238920-A1: Swallowing function evaluating apparatus patent, US-2007244332-A1: Reduction of acrylic acid in the production of maleic anhydride patent, US-2008035660-A1: Medicine dispensing system patent, US-2008039682-A1: Insertion assisting device patent, US-2008076380-A1: Sliding module for sliding-type portable terminal patent, US-2008144558-A1: Piggyback Acknowledgement patent, US-2008153355-A1: Electrical connector assembly with improved pick up cap patent, US-2008206100-A1: Automatic analyzer patent, US-2008251625-A1: Retractable Reeled Tape and Control Mechanism Therefor patent, US-2009003662-A1: Virtual reality overlay patent, US-2009013473-A1: Baby comforter patent, US-2009019394-A1: Method for User Interface, Display Device, and User Interface System patent, US-2009027348-A1: Interactive wireless control system patent, US-2009033528-A1: Test apparatus, manufacturing method, and test method patent, US-2009043594-A1: Method and system for shortage deduction processing patent, US-2009075577-A1: Process and device for cutting sausage patent, US-2009113465-A1: Electronic Apparatus and Optical Disk Drive patent, US-2009126990-A1: Retractable contact post shield and method patent, US-2009142469-A1: Protein-free creamers, stabilizing systems, and process of making same patent, US-2009195979-A1: Electronic device with fans patent, US-2009203603-A1: Compositions for the Treatment and Prevention of Nephropathy patent, US-2009221744-A1: Process for preparing a high-cohesion psa patent, US-2009259342-A1: Surrogate-based control system patent, US-2009261267-A1: Projection lens arrangement patent, US-2009300910-A1: Method for Applying Electrical Conductor Patterns to a Target Component of Plastic patent, US-2009310713-A1: Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and program patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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