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US-2006231593-A1: Friction welding device patent, US-2006236781-A1: Differential pressure type flowmeter and differential pressure type flowmeter controller patent, US-2006279362-A1: Concurrent triple-band gain amplifier for multi-standard coexist communications patent, US-2007007295-A1: Melamine utensil product patent, US-2007023044-A1: Life style flow generator and mask system patent, US-2007039355-A1: Method for forming fine water molecules and apparatus for forming fine water molecules by using the same patent, US-2007052536-A1: Subliminal audio burglar deterrent patent, US-2007059905-A1: Metal product producing method,metal product,metal component connecting method,and connection structure patent, US-2007108230-A1: Centralized product delivery system patent, US-2007130573-A1: Loss of universal serial bus communication patent, US-2007140366-A1: Method for estimating and compensating carrier frequency offset patent, US-2007155474-A1: Gaming device holding reels with trigger symbols and providing free reel spins patent, US-2007158032-A1: Device for covering profile material patent, US-2007158161-A1: Locking transmission for a vehicle, and vehicle including same patent, US-2007165756-A1: Signals reception chain patent, US-2007167916-A1: Outer barrel for a syringe patent, US-2007204179-A1: Minimize Energy Consumption Using Optimal Voltage Assignment Algorithm patent, US-2007216672-A1: Power driving system and liquid crystal display using same patent, US-2007228891-A1: Piezoelectric device patent, US-2007297049-A1: Illumination Device for Microscopes patent, US-2008017026-A1: Engine and Transmission Case Assembly patent, US-2008028704-A1: Vented roof and wall system patent, US-2008050968-A1: Cable connector patent, US-2008080657-A1: Methods and apparatus for digital compensation of clock errors for a clock and data recovery circuit patent, US-2008081602-A1: Remote monitoring method and system using mobile telephony patent, US-2008083080-A1: Surface stabilizer attachment for floor mop patent, US-2008100681-A1: Refilling a used ink cartridge patent, US-2008118176-A1: Adjusting apparatus for enhancing the contrast of image and method therefor patent, US-2008123309-A1: Slim design main board patent, US-2008129154-A1: Piezoelectric ceramic composition and laminated piezoelectric element patent, US-2008130077-A1: Two-dimensional micro optical scanner patent, US-2008137816-A1: System And Method For Visitor Reception Service In Absence patent, US-2008187653-A1: Film formation method and orientation film formation method patent, US-2008192335-A1: Optical Element with an Antireflection Coating, Projection Objective, and Exposure Apparatus Comprising Such an Element patent, US-2008198563-A1: System for increasing isolation boundary withstand voltage patent, US-2008210789-A1: Method For Preparing Micron-Sized Ginseng Powder Via Mechanical Grinding patent, US-2008239865-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-2008242686-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions of lavendustin patent, US-2008245214-A1: Waveform generating device patent, US-2008259953-A1: Method, system, and storage medium for providing continuous communication between process equipment and an automated material handling system patent, US-2008291051-A1: Relay warning system for a motor vehicle patent, US-2008298665-A1: Methods and Systems for Grouping Radiological Images into Event Markers patent, US-2008303628-A1: Scalable two-stage clos-networking switch and module-first matching patent, US-2008303683-A1: Economical force sensitive switch patent, US-2008307947-A1: Easy learn music notation system patent, US-2009004628-A1: Tissue desensitizing system and method patent, US-2009012855-A1: System and method of using captchas as ads patent, US-2009014011-A1: Radiolucent fastening devices for securing a part of a body during a medical procedure patent, US-2009020208-A1: Pneumatic tire patent, US-2009020463-A1: Triple-channel particle separation device patent, US-2009022310-A1: Cryptographic device and method for generating pseudo-random numbers patent, US-2009036088-A1: Multi-mode cellular ic memory management patent, US-2009051464-A1: Switch cicuit and phase shifter patent, US-2009126562-A1: Combined piston-expander compressor patent, US-2009141819-A1: Method and apparatus of recursive time-frequency channel estimation patent, US-2009150226-A1: Method and system for market research data mining patent, US-2009153577-A1: Method and system for texturing of 3d model in 2d environment patent, US-2009155081-A1: Combination axial-flow fan patent, US-2009219377-A1: Multi-beam image forming apparatus patent, US-2009224848-A1: electromagnetic transmission line arrangement with a phase shifter patent, US-2009237757-A1: Image-processing system patent, US-2009247418-A1: Optical detection for electronic microarrays patent, US-2009261987-A1: Sensor instrument system including method for detecting analytes in fluids patent, US-2009288634-A1: Motor control device, motored vehicle equipped therewith, and method of controlling a motor patent, US-2009290228-A1: Zoom Lens patent, US-2010016952-A1: Process For Inducing A Two-Way Shape Memory Effect In A Device Formed Of A Shape Memory Alloy And A Device Made By The Process patent, US-2010027533-A1: Method and system for bypassing 3gpp packet switched core network when accessing internet from 3gpp ues using 3gpp radio access network patent, US-2010079110-A1: Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery patent, US-2010079487-A1: Display device and method for editing images patent, US-2010092060-A1: X-Ray CT system and method for creating tomographic recordings with two x-ray energy spectra patent, US-2004021734-A1: Printing by switching sub-scan feeding between monochromatic and color areas patent, US-2004032324-A1: Brake light controller patent, US-2004040093-A1: Weed-grabber patent, US-2004065513-A1: Elevator and traction sheave of an elevator patent, US-2004070239-A1: Fluid-actuated support for vehicular seats patent, US-2004077730-A1: Medical treatment patent, US-2004078611-A1: Low-power indicator patent, US-2004086771-A1: High temperature reactant recycling for PEM fuel cell humidification patent, US-2004142383-A1: Method for qualitative and/or quantitative determination of genus, species, race and/or geographical origin of biological material patent, US-2004150492-A1: Single-pole double-throw switch with no single failure point patent, US-2004181890-A1: Dual action sweeper patent, US-2004191145-A1: Method for cleaning coke oven gas patent, US-2004207783-A1: Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2004231397-A1: Tonnage monitor for a mechanically driven press patent, US-2005024897-A1: Synchronized rectifying controller for a forward power converter patent, US-2005030129-A1: Surface acoustic wave filter and surface acoustic wave resonator patent, US-2005052263-A1: Electromagnetic relay patent, US-2005058536-A1: Rotor brake as well as rotor and rotary-wing aircraft with such a rotor brake patent, US-2005070745-A1: Method for isomerizing allyl alcohols patent, US-2005077134-A1: Briefcase and purse system patent, US-2005079246-A1: Device and method for manufacturing and packaging lollipops patent, US-2005081503-A1: Arrangement introduced in an agricultural implement to reap and collect branches of various cultures patent, US-2005081708-A1: Weapons platform construction patent, US-2005094297-A1: Optical tunable filter and method for manufacturing the optical tunable filter patent, US-2005111412-A1: Method for dynamically adjusting a target load for reverse link channel in a CDMA network patent, US-2005118285-A1: O/W emulsion containing aloe vera, uses thereof, method for making patent, US-2005137426-A1: Method for the separation of methyl mercaptan from reaction gas mixtures patent, US-2005154622-A1: Method and system of booking airline itineraries and stopovers patent, US-2005193137-A1: Protocol stack with modification facility patent, US-2005217016-A1: Aromatherapy/chromotherapeutic system for tubs and method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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