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US-2007161499-A1: Yttria sintered body and corrosion-resistant material, and manufacturing method patent, US-2007184356-A1: Apparatus and methods for measuring shape of both sides of a plate patent, US-2007225407-A1: Silicone-Modified Epoxy Resins patent, US-2007229823-A1: Determination of the number concentration and particle size distribution of nanoparticles using dark-field microscopy patent, US-2007245529-A1: Zip Fastener and Slider patent, US-2007252587-A1: Method for Determining the Rotor Position of a Synchronous Machine patent, US-2007253029-A1: Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program patent, US-2008009773-A1: Mathematical Modeling System for assisting practitioners in the detection of global subluxations, segment subluxations and their correlation - postural/spinal coupling patent, US-2008032641-A1: Apparatus and method for attenuating leakage signal of transmitter in communication system patent, US-2008061531-A1: Transporting apparatus patent, US-2008064893-A1: Emissive monomeric metal complexes patent, US-2008076725-A1: Clathrate of Azithromycin Hydrate With 1,2-Propyleneglycol, Method For The Manufacture Thereof, And Pharmaceutical Composition containing same patent, US-2008120829-A1: Fuel Cell Producing Method and Apparatus patent, US-2008169305-A1: Method of vending bottles and cans patent, US-2008211480-A1: Method for the determination of a voltage limit of a clutch actuating motor patent, US-2008216516-A1: Method of manufacturing optical fiber patent, US-2008227991-A1: Sodium salt of disaccharide compound, production method and use of same patent, US-2008240550-A1: Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent, US-2008255376-A1: Method For the Production of Dioxolane patent, US-2008281440-A1: Stabilizing solutions to output feedback pole placement problem with parameter drift and automated alerting of system parameter changes patent, US-2008316238-A1: Liquid Discharge Apparatus and Liquid Discharge Method patent, US-2009002082-A1: Multiphase signal generator patent, US-2009042109-A1: Mask blank substrate manufacturing method, mask blank manufacturing method, mask manufacturing method, and mask blank substrate patent, US-2009067875-A1: Charging device in image forming apparatus patent, US-2009123140-A1: Substrate stage mechanism and substrate processing apparatus patent, US-2009129415-A1: Light transmitter and automatic power control circuit thereof patent, US-2009150997-A1: Apparatus and method for detecting malicious file in mobile terminal patent, US-2009153946-A1: Display apparatus and electrophoretic display apparatus patent, US-2009186576-A1: Bluetooth car kit patent, US-2009198116-A1: Analyte Monitoring Device and Methods of Use patent, US-2009203381-A1: Radio network controller, a mobile communication system, and a neighbor cell list filtering method patent, US-2009219342-A1: Inkjet printer patent, US-2009250447-A1: Capilary electrical welding process for the repair of carbon steel, of high, medium and low alloy, in the condition of tempered or not; hadfield steel; cast iron; nickel and its alloys; metallic covering and dissimilar bonds, to produce an appropriate microstructure in the welded bond without the need of post-welding thermal treatment patent, US-2009266328-A1: Intake manifold for vehicle patent, US-2009268893-A1: Temporary provisioned public call treatment for calls initiated from a private party device patent, US-2009315881-A1: Display processing device, display processing method, and display processing program patent, US-2010003027-A1: Method and apparatus for supporting standby channels and standby buffering patent, US-2010004442-A1: Preparation of amorolfine patent, US-2010013318-A1: Printed circuit board patent, US-2010020328-A1: Method for Scanning Optical Interference Patterns with Line Sensors patent, US-2010026549-A1: Jammer detection with mitigation of detection threshold hysteresis pinch-off effect patent, US-2003200601-A1: Water saving flush system patent, US-2003223121-A1: Mask, substrate with light reflecting film, method for forming light reflecting film, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2004042900-A1: Gas turbine engine disk rim with axially cutback and circumferentially skewed cooling air slots patent, US-2004093371-A1: Memory bound functions for spam deterrence and the like patent, US-2004115614-A1: Electrophysiology assay methods patent, US-2004129908-A1: Valve assembly patent, US-2004149749-A1: Cooking chamber assembly in microwave oven patent, US-2004170306-A1: Fingerprint verification device and method for the same patent, US-2004183798-A1: System and process for geometry replacement patent, US-2004214095-A1: Photomask for aberration measurement, aberration measurement method unit for aberration measurement and manufacturing method for device patent, US-2004233504-A1: Optical element with full complex modulation patent, US-2005010883-A1: Timing circuit cad patent, US-2005015649-A1: Method and system for correcting errors in a memory device patent, US-2005024844-A1: Backlight assembly providing light in multiple directions and display device employing the same patent, US-2005052650-A1: System for high-resolution measurement of a magnetic field/gradient and its application to a magnetometer or gradiometer patent, US-2005059185-A1: Display apparatus patent, US-2005077955-A1: Low-pass filter for a pll, phase-locked loop and semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-2005127652-A1: Method for folding a gas bag, a device for folding a gas bag and a folded gas bag patent, US-2005135522-A1: Method for equalization of a payload signal, taking into account an interference source patent, US-2005149796-A1: Removable and replaceable TAP domain selection circuitry patent, US-2005162609-A1: Fixing structure of side shield for glasses patent, US-2005177751-A1: Light-weight key distribution scheme in wireless network patent, US-2005196555-A1: Ink jet recording material patent, US-2005210338-A1: Error accumulation dithering of image data patent, US-2005219568-A1: Image processing apparatus and its method, and image processing system and its control method patent, US-2005226684-A1: Furniture assembly device patent, US-2005228136-A1: Recycled thermoplastic compositions patent, US-2005229508-A1: Wavelet maxima curves of surface latent heat flux patent, US-2005282918-A1: Catalytic plant and process patent, US-2006005839-A1: Apparatus for the stabilization of head position patent, US-2006021004-A1: Method and system for externalized HTTP authentication patent, US-2006044218-A1: Display device patent, US-2006048268-A1: Glove patent, US-2006056402-A1: Cookie-based mechanism providing lightweight authentication of layer-2 frames patent, US-2006108873-A1: Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling circuit breakers patent, US-2006136607-A1: Multiplex apparatus and method for multiplexing legacy device patent, US-2006149075-A1: Crystals of 5-[{6-(2-fluorobenzyl)oxy-2-naphthyl}methyl]-2,4-thiazolidinedione patent, US-2006222137-A1: Storage efficient sliding window sum patent, US-2010017749-A1: Display apparatus and display method patent, US-2006262348-A1: Page output control apparatus and page output control program storage medium patent, US-2006264446-A1: 6-Halogeno-[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines for combating animal pests patent, US-2006274280-A1: Heat radiation device capable of resisting light leakage patent, US-2006276941-A1: Electronic four-wheel drive control patent, US-2007014388-A1: Method for generating transmitter clock and transmit clock generator patent, US-2007046099-A1: Vehicle brake system patent, US-2007112142-A1: Release agent composition and release liner patent, US-2007120497-A1: Dimmer control system and controlling method thereof patent, US-2007158988-A1: Height-adjusting device for automobile seat patent, US-2007164913-A1: Foldable portable radio patent, US-2007174615-A1: Method and device for communication using random codes patent, US-2007185322-A1: Methods of extracting RNA patent, US-2007215421-A1: Magnetorheological Rotary Damper patent, US-2007216349-A1: Charging apparatus patent, US-2007238368-A1: Battery pack patent, US-2007254267-A1: Teaching Model for Enterprise Management patent, US-2007281530-A1: Waterproof connector patent, US-2007285450-A1: Inkjet printer and inkjet printing method patent, US-2008017690-A1: Sign stapler patent, US-2008034747-A1: HST Unit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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