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US-2014353047-A1: Method of making polycrystalline diamond material patent, US-2015076706-A1: Through-silicon via unit cell and methods of use patent, US-2015085336-A1: Extended field of view exterior mirror element for vehicle patent, US-2015152405-A1: Suspension container for binding particles for the isolation of biological material patent, US-2015176774-A1: Light Emitting Module and Optical Lens Thereof patent, US-2015179696-A1: Photodetector circuit and semiconductor device patent, US-2010183439-A1: Systems, Methods, and Apparatus for Controlling Gas Leakage in a Turbine patent, US-2011028302-A1: SILICON-BORON-CARBON-NITROGEN CERAMICS AND PRECURSOR COMPOUNDS, METHODS FOR THE SALT-FREE POLYMERISATION OF RnHal3-nSi-X-BRmHal2-m patent, US-2011050336-A1: Multi-chip stack structure and signal transmission method thereof patent, US-2011078043-A1: Payment and transfer management system using wireless communication network or internet and method thereof patent, US-2011117593-A1: Cell dispersion method, cell dispersing agent and cell measurement method patent, US-2011149659-A1: Erase operations and apparatus for a memory device patent, US-2012058350-A1: Modified graphene structures and methods of manufacture thereof patent, US-2012121803-A1: Wide pattern nozzle patent, US-2012153545-A1: Base mould lift damping patent, US-2012208453-A1: Remote controlled air gun patent, US-2012219843-A1: Composition, energy storage device, and related processes patent, US-2012223265-A1: Cam control valve patent, US-2012263766-A1: Formulations patent, US-2012283407-A1: New polyamide, polyimide or polyamide-imide comprising dibenzodiazocine units patent, US-2012320318-A1: Method of manufacturing polarizing plate, polarizing plate manufactured using the method, and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2013026516-A1: Light-emitting diode (led) package structure and packaging method thereof patent, US-2013028786-A1: Low alpha-Dose Tin or Tin Alloy, and Method for Producing Same patent, US-2013029150-A1: Insulation products having non-aqueous moisturizer patent, US-2013038666-A1: Ink jet head, method of forming image by the ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method of measuring angular velocity by the angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric generating element, and method of generating electric power using the peizoelectric generating element patent, US-2013083384-A1: Optical probe patent, US-2013182272-A1: Image forming apparatus, host apparatus, image forming system having the same, and method of controlling power thereof patent, US-2013187041-A1: Charged particle spectrum analysis apparatus patent, US-2014178570-A1: Powder feeding device, blasting system, and method for manufacturing electrode material patent, US-2014185473-A1: Speed frame exchange within single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications patent, US-2014249414-A1: System and Method for Mixed Modality Acoustic Sampling patent, US-2014363697-A1: High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent plating surface quality and adhesion, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014374930-A1: Method for transferring objects onto a substrate using a compact particle film, including a step of producing connectors on the objects patent, US-2015061383-A1: Start Control System for Hybrid Driving Mechanism patent, US-2015098942-A1: Cancer treatment and monitoring methods using ox40 agonists patent, US-2010199332-A1: Access-Network to Core-Network Trust Relationship Detection for a Mobile Node patent, US-2010239619-A1: Semi-permanent color for application to the skin and applicators therefor patent, US-2010315063-A1: Meter device and method of testing a cut neutral conductor patent, US-2011086924-A1: Method of manufacturing an eutectic crystalline sugar alcohol patent, US-2011128210-A1: Array substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same patent, US-2011155913-A1: Temperature sensor and living body detector using temperature sensor patent, US-2011167438-A1: Single Body Type Bracket and Spindle Motor Structure Having the Same patent, US-2012026651-A1: Slide mechanism and electronic device using the same patent, US-2012068372-A1: Nanoimprint template and pattern transcription apparatus patent, US-2012078920-A1: Method and apparatus for dynamic update of document rank score patent, US-2012098606-A1: High-frequency signal processing device patent, US-2012116067-A1: Method for the solid phase-based production of phosphate-bridged nucleoside conjugates patent, US-2012118319-A1: Random orbit disc scrubber patent, US-2012122702-A1: Rna labeling method patent, US-2012122967-A2: Compositions and products containing r-equol, and methods for their making patent, US-2012152575-A1: Hydraulic system having dual tilt blade control patent, US-2012250705-A1: Fiber lasers with devices capable of suppressing high-order mode mixing and generating high quality and low noise laser light patent, US-2012290560-A1: Mechanism for efficiently querying application binary interface/application programming interface-related information patent, US-2012308453-A1: Treatment equipment of voc gases patent, US-2012327524-A1: Image pickup lens, lens array, method for producing image pickup lens, and image pickup module patent, US-2012329349-A1: Sizing additives for drycleaning processes patent, US-2013000356-A1: Glass bending method and apparatus patent, US-2013170282-A1: Variable resistance memory device patent, US-2013233238-A1: Methods and Mask Structures for Substantially Defect-Free Epitaxial Growth patent, US-2013271076-A1: System and method for charge notice or charge mode in a vehicle patent, US-2013307980-A1: System and method for real time security data acquisition and integration from mobile platforms patent, US-2014027804-A1: Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014206992-A1: Method for diagnosing cancer patent, US-2014303867-A1: Coast control systems and methods patent, US-2014311994-A1: Device for Reducing Friction Between Sealing Plates of Filtration Units, and Use Thereof in a Filtration Method patent, US-2014340122-A1: Controlling voltage generation and voltage comparison patent, US-2014345748-A1: Aseptic sampling system patent, US-2009168185-A1: Electrochromic Windshield with Computer Vision Control patent, US-2015065837-A1: Device for generating a detectable signal based upon concentration of at least one substance patent, US-2015144382-A1: High speed differential wiring in glass ceramic mcms patent, US-2010205561-A1: Mouse having screen capture function patent, US-2010215899-A1: Templated Growth of Porous or Non-Porous Castings patent, US-2010313102-A1: Electronic storage device and control method thereof patent, US-2011074856-A1: Conveyance Device and Image Forming Apparatus patent, US-2011183899-A1: Methods and compositions for the treatment of obesity patent, US-2011193951-A1: Virtual mask system and method for operating the same patent, US-2012009342-A1: Arrangement and method for wetting fibers with a fluid patent, US-2012075584-A1: Methods for mapping tissue with optical coherence tomography data patent, US-2012148822-A1: Curtain fabric patent, US-2012169299-A1: Method of Using a Container for a Refrigerated Fluid, and a Corresponding Container patent, US-2012201662-A1: Core runout ceiling for turbine components patent, US-2013015446-A1: Thin Film Transistor Manufacturing Method and Thin Film Transistor patent, US-2013019343-A1: Expression Cassettes for Seed-Preferential Expression in Plants patent, US-2013037516-A1: Implant surface with increased hydrophilicity patent, US-2013070436-A1: Systems and methods for high aspect ratio flip-chip interconnects patent, US-2013092546-A1: Formation of conductive polymers using nitrosyl ion as an oxidizing agent patent, US-2013164092-A1: Chatter vibration detection method, chatter viberation avoidance method, and machine tool patent, US-2013173751-A1: Protocol adapter for passing diagnostic messages between vehicle networks and a host computer patent, US-2013260193-A1: Assembled battery wiring member and assembled battery module patent, US-2013261654-A1: Materials and methods for improved intragastric balloon devices patent, US-2013295419-A1: Apparatus and method for enhancing the safety of secondary battery patent, US-2013318117-A1: Directory server processing requests based on hierarchical models while using backend servers operating based on relational models patent, US-2013324548-A1: Chemoembolization composition comprising anti-angiogenic agents patent, US-2014079635-A1: Molecular probes for detecting lipid composition patent, US-2014175372-A1: Recessed Contact to Semiconductor Nanowires patent, US-2014349430-A1: Deposition apparatus, method thereof and method for forming quantum-dot layer using the same patent, US-2015063692-A1: Image capture device with contemporaneous reference image capture mechanism patent, US-2015073309-A1: Monitoring, tracking, and managing symptoms of autism spectrum disorder patent, US-2015093811-A1: Mixing device for a container, container and method for installing the mixing device in a container patent, US-2015141009-A1: Communication system and method for path control patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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