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US-2012266561-A1: Lightweight beam structure patent, US-2012316916-A1: Methods and systems for generating corporate green score using social media sourced data and sentiment analysis patent, US-2013046754-A1: Method and system to formulate intellectual property search and to organize results of intellectual property search patent, US-2013114803-A1: Method for recording telephone conversations patent, US-2013209882-A1: Composite binder for battery, and anode and battery including the composite binder patent, US-2013300386-A1: Integrated circuit device, voltage regulation circuitry and method for regulating a voltage supply signal patent, US-2014003265-A1: Data reception device and corresponding reception method, computer program and recording medium patent, US-2014020180-A1: Patient support apparatus patent, US-2014048555-A1: Needle assembly magazine patent, US-2014107607-A1: Infusion Pump System and Methods patent, US-2014117947-A1: Signal peak detector and detection method, and control ic and method for a pfc converter patent, US-2014205063-A1: Rolling element inspection method, rolling element manufacturing method, and rolling element patent, US-2014221288-A1: Methods for rapidly treating severe hypoglycemia patent, US-2014239983-A1: Capacitive sensing patent, US-2014279880-A1: Managing, importing, and exporting teamspace templates and teamspaces in content repositories patent, US-2014319690-A1: Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2014326838-A1: Apparatus, System, and Method for Photovoltaic-Related Wire Management patent, US-2014336116-A1: Glycosylated Polypeptide and Drug Composition Containing Said Polypeptide patent, US-2014338620-A1: Marking labels for drive chains patent, US-2014345531-A1: Cartridge, and a teatcup patent, US-2015023080-A1: Methods and apparatus for controlling power switches via a digital communication bus patent, US-2015128245-A1: Management of addresses in virtual machines patent, US-2015159978-A1: Artwork Display Frame and Related Methods patent, US-2010143559-A1: Food heating device patent, US-2010216097-A1: Realistic mechanic simulator for sensations of vehicles in movement patent, US-2010231430-A1: Amplifier and analog/digital converter patent, US-2010327809-A1: Charging apparatus and quality judging apparatus for packed battery patent, US-2011011667-A1: Torque angle sensor and electronic power steering apparatus having the same patent, US-2011079656-A1: Advanced Water And Energy Conserving Shower and Cleaning Systems And Methods patent, US-2011122467-A1: Light modulating device patent, US-2011126234-A1: Media content distribution system and method patent, US-2011135991-A1: Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and separator patent, US-2011199095-A1: Multilevel Connector System patent, US-2011292601-A1: Dehumidifying and re-humidifying apparatus and method for an electronics rack patent, US-2012031039-A1: Hinged clip to eliminate rail patent, US-2012042263-A1: Social-topical adaptive networking (stan) system allowing for cooperative inter-coupling with external social networking systems and other content sources patent, US-2012216786-A1: Soft impact projectile launcher patent, US-2012254580-A1: Access control apparatus patent, US-2012293114-A1: Charge control circuit, battery-operated device, charging apparatus and charging method patent, US-2012314024-A1: Automatic switching of a multi-mode display for displaying three-dimensional and two-dimensional images patent, US-2013038963-A1: System for and method of properly positioning a magazine media adapted for library storage patent, US-2013110786-A1: Distributed file system and method of selecting backup location for the same patent, US-2013178886-A1: Occlusion Device and Method for its Manufacture patent, US-2013223805-A1: Photonic Crystal Magneto-Optical Circulator and Manufacturing Method Thereof patent, US-2013278448-A1: Illumination module and illuminated keyboard having the same patent, US-2014044663-A1: Use of Glutamide Stabilizers patent, US-2014059580-A1: Image Capture and Identification System and Process patent, US-2014093952-A1: Bioreactor Tangential Flow Perfusion Filter System patent, US-2014148087-A1: Housing having configurable airflow exhaust patent, US-2014241939-A1: Corrosion inhibitors for cooling water applications patent, US-2014264760-A1: Layout Optimization of a Main Pattern and a Cut Pattern patent, US-2014268575-A1: Implementing heat sink loading having multipoint loading with actuation outboard of heatsink footprint patent, US-2014297163-A1: System and method for gas purge control patent, US-2014311797-A1: Electric wire connection structure and electric wire connection method patent, US-2014341949-A1: Vaccine patent, US-2011169145-A1: Manufacturing method of lead frame substrate and semiconductor apparatus patent, US-2011187699-A1: Pixel circuit, display and driving method thereof patent, US-2011204273-A1: Valve for Wellbore Applications patent, US-2009122010-A1: Apparatus for operating objects and a method for identifying markers from digital image frame data patent, US-2011240304-A1: Riser components and methods for making the same patent, US-2011248690-A1: Power supply circuit for combustion appliance patent, US-2011266835-A1: Infinitely adjustable, modular shelving for vehicles patent, US-2011268550-A1: Cardboard sheet batch division device, cardboard sheet counter ejector, and method for dividing cardboard sheet patent, US-2011302189-A1: Providing context aware search adaptively patent, US-2012021071-A1: Use of a synergistic combination of hypothiocyanite and/or hypohalite ions and lactoferrin for preparing a treatment for cystic fibrosis patent, US-2012067210-A1: High temperature gas processing system and method for making the same patent, US-2012069374-A1: Printing device, printing system, printing control method and recording medium patent, US-2012096837-A1: Method for adapting an scr catalytic converter in an exhaust system of a motor vehicle patent, US-2012097128-A1: Cylinder Injection Engine and Control Device Therefor patent, US-2012144244-A1: Single-event-upset controller wrapper that facilitates fault injection patent, US-2012266980-A1: In-line back pressure fluid regulators patent, US-2012274745-A1: Three-dimensional imager and projection device patent, US-2013062402-A1: Apparatus and method for using machine-readable codes patent, US-2013159447-A1: System, gateway, and method for automatic setting configuration by learning commands patent, US-2013246312-A1: Providing information prior to downloading resources patent, US-2013301434-A1: Radio link montoring in a wireless communication device patent, US-2014050969-A1: Electrode structures for three-dimensional batteries patent, US-2014075562-A1: Static security analysis using a hybrid representation of string values patent, US-2014077182-A1: Organic electroluminescent display and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014177234-A1: Lens and light source module incorporating the same patent, US-2014264644-A1: MEMS Method and Structure patent, US-2014299791-A1: Target for extreme ultraviolet light source patent, US-2014339437-A1: Method and apparatus for sensing device including quantum dot light emitting devices patent, US-2014375241-A1: Resolver device, motor control device, and motor control method patent, US-2015116912-A1: Circuit Breakers Having Enlarged Pressure Relief Valves and Related Electrical Distribution Panels and Systems patent, US-2010147088-A1: Electronic device test apparatus and method of testing electronic devices patent, US-2010159909-A1: Personalized Cloud of Mobile Tasks patent, US-2010195209-A1: Method and Apparatus for Optical Bandpass and Notch Filtering, and Varying the Filter Center Wavelength patent, US-2010206237-A1: System and method for heating a poultry watering device patent, US-2010218019-A1: Non-recursive adaptive filter for predicting the mean processing performance of a complex system's processing core patent, US-2010231543-A1: Display device with touch sensor function, manufacturing method of display device with touch sensor function, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2010263730-A1: Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine patent, US-2010314658-A1: Light emitting device patent, US-2010325524-A1: Control circuit capable of identifying error data in flash memory and storage system and method thereof patent, US-2011065833-A1: Rubber mixture comprising precipitated silicic acid patent, US-2011076638-A1: Apparatus for cleaning teeth using a variable frequency ultrasound patent, US-2011121035-A1: Connector for a discharge device patent, US-2011173859-A1: Removable trigger guard patent, US-2011198226-A1: Method for deposition of hard chrome layers patent, US-2011207333-A1: Method for applying a layer to a substrate patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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