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CN-103585369-A: Chinese herbal preparation for treating acute infantile convulsions of newborn patent, CN-103586433-A: Method for increasing flaw detection yield of continuous casting sheet head billet and tail billet patent, CN-103602485-A: 一种水基润滑油组合物 patent, CN-103606400-A: Telephone communication cable for coal mine patent, CN-103609459-A: Activated carbon inorganic antibacterial supporting plate for bottom of livestock breeding cage patent, CN-103610370-A: Novel food clip patent, CN-103612479-A: Reverse air flow web stabilizer patent, CN-103613459-A: 大棚种植用育苗基质 patent, CN-1036168-A: 打印装置 patent, CN-103617078-A: Method and device for managing active components patent, CN-103622369-A: 一种按摩床垫 patent, CN-103622862-A: Anti-dandruff liquid shampoo containing traditional Chinese medicine components and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103624252-A: 一种具有高反射高红外辐射性能的纳米氧化钛氧化锆包覆钨粉的制备方法 patent, CN-103625223-A: Tire burst protection system and operating method thereof patent, CN-103629031-A: 喷油泵接头的清洁装置 patent, CN-103629239-A: Efficient lubricating type abrasion-resistant bearing sleeve patent, CN-103629316-A: 链条张紧装置 patent, CN-103630434-A: 一种紫杉醇的体外分析模型 patent, CN-103632611-A: Photograph displayer patent, CN-103636455-A: Method for cultivating arbor nursery-grown plant patent, CN-103637215-A: 一种阴虚内热患者的特殊膳食 patent, CN-103637645-A: 一种简式可升降的多用途晾衣架、挂物架 patent, CN-103640553-A: 汽车轮胎清理器 patent, CN-103641381-A: 一种净化空气的环保活性硅藻泥内墙壁材 patent, CN-103642886-A: Medium for producing demethylchlortetracycline by fermenting streptomyces aureus and culturing method patent, CN-103646498-A: A multi-light multi-sound alarm apparatus patent, CN-103652164-A: Beauty and health-preserving green tea and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103652679-A: 一种低糖裹衣黑豆的配方及其制备方法 patent, CN-103655107-A: Surgery bed mattress patent, CN-103657692-A: Compound bismuthyl bromide photocatalyst patent, CN-103658711-A: Blade clamp used for groove cutting tool, groove embedded piece and groove cutting tool patent, CN-103661362-A: 用于控制混合动力传动系统的方法 patent, CN-103663874-A: 臭氧-生物滤池系统 patent, CN-103668267-A: 一种可以安全使用的金属擦洗剂 patent, CN-103668703-A: Flame retardant fabric patent, CN-103672463-A: 一种新型led玉米灯 patent, CN-103673853-A: Valve plate jitter detection device of valve core patent, CN-103676254-A: See-through display device and driving method thereof, and electronic equipment patent, CN-103679556-A: System and method for intelligently diagnosing distribution transform terminal power failure warning patent, CN-1036802-A: Processing method and installation used for production of tungsten-cerium electrode material patent, CN-103680694-A: 圆形线缆 patent, CN-103684655-A: Code verifying device and method, decoding device and method, and receiving end patent, CN-103684785-A: 一种具有按键保护功能的动态令牌及其工作方法 patent, CN-103684798-A: 一种用于分布式用户服务间认证系统 patent, CN-103684801-A: 一种数据分配方法、装置及服务器 patent, CN-103685621-A: Multifunctional telephone set patent, CN-103689503-A: 一种新型调料 patent, CN-103691752-A: 一种浪纹切削挤出模具 patent, CN-103696957-A: Wear-resistant plunger pump patent, CN-103697230-A: 高性能防水锤止回阀 patent, CN-103697290-A: Cold-bridge-free prefabricated directly-buried steam heat-preserving pipe rolling bracket patent, CN-103699424-A: 一种模拟仿真mtk软件的方法 patent, CN-103700606-A: Substrate processing apparatus patent, CN-103702429-A: 利用lte/lte-a物理下行控制域闲置资源发送数据的方法 patent, CN-103705826-A: Traditional Chinese medicine navel compressing agent for treating pediatric acute gastritis patent, CN-103708167-A: Combined conveying and tabletting device patent, CN-103709619-A: 玻纤阻燃微米碳酸钙增韧增强pbt复合材料 patent, CN-103709671-A: Halogen-free, flame retardant and weatherable PET/PBT alloy material patent, CN-103713094-A: 可生物降解聚合物的降解率对比的测试方法 patent, CN-103715545-A: 电连接器 patent, CN-103718702-A: 手拿充电型旋耕机 patent, CN-103723265-A: Upper smoke exhaust all-rotation tow boat with improved stern visual range patent, CN-103724636-A: Pe复合膜白色母的生产工艺 patent, CN-103725280-A: 一种新型清洁压裂液 patent, CN-103734106-A: Fishing reel provided with quick-release adjuster patent, CN-103738436-A: Simple trikke patent, CN-103742098-A: 一种煤矿低抽巷穿层钻孔返渣封孔装置及方法 patent, CN-103747530-A: Wireless Mesh network channel allocation system and wireless Mesh network channel allocation method under partially overlapped channels patent, CN-103749491-A: 一种杀虫单复配农药 patent, CN-103751806-A: Application of SIRT1 expression interfering agent in preparation of liver cancer stem cell stemness transcription factor expression inhibiting agent patent, CN-103754551-A: Transmission mechanism with inclined plane patent, CN-103754660-A: 一种新型墙体材料生产线用星形铺料装置 patent, CN-103756841-A: 一种有机无花果酒及其制备方法 patent, CN-103756863-A: Preparation method and standard of pseudo-ginseng health care vinegar patent, CN-103759846-A: Method for measuring internal temperature of power battery patent, CN-103760773-A: 状态空间模型预测控制优化的批次过程pi-pd控制方法 patent, CN-103763317-A: Bluetooth-based data transmission method and system and intelligent secret key device patent, CN-103763525-A: 一种电网统一视频监控平台系统 patent, CN-103767157-A: 能固定毛巾的尺寸稳定性好服装 patent, CN-103767821-A: Ice belt device patent, CN-103775902-A: High-power light-emitting diode (LED) street lamp patent, CN-103776737-A: 一种应用于石油行业的稳定剂吸附能力测定方法 patent, CN-103776868-A: Method for testing stability of high-viscosity heavy crude oil patent, CN-103783916-A: Woven and knitted composite anti-slip tablecloth with patterns patent, CN-103787260-A: Micromechanical component patent, CN-103788149-A: 一种甜菊糖苷St的工业高效液相色谱精制方法 patent, CN-1037886-A: 优型混凝土膨胀剂组成及制法 patent, CN-103789510-A: Method for preparing dephosphorization agent through waste converter slag patent, CN-103790944-A: Novel four-row conical bearing patent, CN-103798869-A: Apple vinegar beverage patent, CN-103800188-A: 简易美容喷雾瓶 patent, CN-103801661-A: Drilling bit processing combination mold patent, CN-103805355-A: 烷基酚聚氧乙烯醚乙酸钠二元复配除垢剂 patent, CN-103805966-A: 用于加热静电卡盘上晶片的方法、系统及cvd设备 patent, CN-103808399-A: Novel weight scale with storage function patent, CN-103808889-A: Method for testing influence of pH values on anti-scaling rate of homopolymer anti-scaling agent patent, CN-103816284-A: 一种酸浆清心明目酒及生产方法 patent, CN-103818633-A: 一种密封防爆油墨桶 patent, CN-103818654-A: 高密度互连电路板干燥剂及湿度卡存放装置 patent, CN-103819921-A: 一种植物纤维发泡包装材料 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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